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Tackle Trap Football Play | 2×2 Spread Formation

Elements of Running a Simple 2 Minute Drill

The Tackle Trap Football Play is a great play for youth football. It can be easily installed at any age level of football. We love adding jet motion which will force the play-side defenders- particularly the middle linebacker and defensive end to widen out. This will create an easier trap block for our Tackle. A good jet sweep fake will sometimes force linebackers to run themselves right out of the play. Many youth teams that run trap will pull and trap with their guard, but trapping with your Tackle is a great way to protect against inside penetration (blitzers over the guards). If you have tackles that can move this play is a great install. Trap is a great way to take advantage of aggressive, penetrating defensive linemen.

Tackle Trap Football Play Blocking Scheme / Rules

Tackle Trap Football Play

Tackle Trap Blocking Scheme 

  • Center: Block backside A-gap defender. If the center has a head up defender he will block him.
  • Right Guard: Block A-gap defender. Inside-Over-Free (LB) are the blocking rules that will work against any defensive front.
  • Right Tackle: Inside-Over-Free (LB). Against this look we want the RT to work right onto the linebacker. If he has an inside gap or head up defender he must block him.
  • Left Guard: Inside-Over-Free (LB).
  • Left Tackle: Pull, kick out defensive end. Aiming point is the inside hip of the defender he is kicking out. Make sure he finishes his block, run his feet!
  • Slot (S): Full speed jet motion, fake jet sweep. A great fake is needed.
  • X Receiver: Stalk block CB.
  • Z Receiver: Stalk block CB.
  • Y Receiver / TE: Stalk block the S (defender covering him).
  • Tail Back (T): Take handoff, cut inside of the RT’s kick-out block.
  • Quarterback (Q): Catch snap, hand to the (T), carry out fake.

Note: if you are getting press man to man coverage you can just have all your receivers outside release and run off.

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Trap Play Adjustments / Coaching Points 

If the back side defensive end isn’t respecting your QB fake, have the QB fake the trap and pull the ball. A lot of times that DE will chase your T (tail back) and if he does that run the QB keep off of it. If you able too, you can have the QB read the DE. If the DE chases he pulls the ball and runs. If the DE sits, he hands to the T. You will also need a great jet sweep fake here. It’s probably a good idea to run jet sweep once or twice out of this before you run trap- although the play will probably work even if you don’t. The aiming point on the trap block is the inside hip of the defender the LT is kicking out. Be sure that the LT doesn’t pull with too much depth in the backfield. This could be a problem if the DE squeezes down- the trap player won’t be able to kick him out and the play will get spilled.  Another thing you can do is if the defense is loading the box and not respecting your 2×2 spread formation, you can have a call where you through a now screen to any of the receivers.