Super Bowl Sunday- A Super Day For Football Safety

Today is a national holiday, it’s Super-Bowl-Sunday day.  We deserve today especially after the last two weeks of no football but plenty of hype.  As fans, we were subjected to- trash talking, on-field analysis, a pro bowl with no defense, fan and media debate, Gronkowski practice updates, better QB debate- Eli or Brady, Madonna, and an NFL awards show.  Thankfully, it’s finally time to play football.  In a few hours the two best NFL football teams will battle for the right to be called the champion.

This year is a little different.

For the first time, the NFL will use a 60 second commercial spot to talk about football safety, more specifically the evolution of player safety. They will then launch a new website, called, detailing the history of safety in the NFL. The attention of this all important topic is a win for the youth football community.

There has been a minimal set of a safety standard for youth football helmets worn by children, especially those younger than 12 years old.  This fact completely defies logic.  Aren’t we supposed to protect our kids?  The Children’s Sports Athletic Equipment Safety Act aims to change that with a strict set of child safety standards. (Read about proposed changes in youth football helmet laws).  First introduced a year ago, we’re following Congress’ actions with this law.

We’re anticipating a great Super Bowl today.  Hopefully the NFL will send out the right message regarding player safety.

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