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The Promotion & Instruction of Youth Football
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Summer Youth Football Camp

Summer Youth Football Camp

Last night my organization had a meeting to plan our annual summer youth football camp. This is a two day camp in mid-June.  The first day will be an offense themed day. The second day will be a defense themed day. The drills will be set up in station format. The kids will be broken up by age and each group will spend 10 minutes at every station before rotating.

Benefits of Having a Summer Youth Football Camp:

  • Generate additional sign ups. It will also give your program an opportunity to make a good impression on the parents & players that are “on the fence” about playing or not.
  • It is an opportunity to see your players in football action. It will give you a sense of your players overall athletic ability.
  • Gets the kids into a football state of mind. Baseball and soccer is beginning to end so it is now time for football!
  • Use this camp to work basic fundamentals.

Day # 1 Offense

 Station # 1: Offensive Linemen 3-point Stances

Station # 2: Run Blocking Technique

Station # 3: Hands Station (Post, Corner, & Out Routes)

  • Receiver route running.
  • Receiver stances.
  • Catching the Football.

Station # 4: Throwing Station

  • Every player will get a chance to throw the football to a receiver.

Station # 5: Running Back Drills

  • Ball security.
  • Cone Drills.
  • Running through pads .

Day # 2 Defense

Station # 1: Block Destruction

  • Destructing blocks using the rip move (beating blocks).

Station # 2: Tackling Station

Station # 3: Defensive Line

  • Firing out on ball movement.
  • Block destruction.
  • Forma tackling.

Station # 4: Linebackers

  • Pursuit downhill.
  • Block destruction.
  • Form tackling.

Station #5: Defensive Back Drills

  • Agility drill.
  • Ball drill (tip drill).

Youth Football Summer Camp Operation  

  • Have meetings. Develop a plan and assign stations and responsibility to the coaches.
  • Make sure you have enough coaches. Every coach that is coaching in the program should help out.
  • Make sure the camp is operated fluently. This is an opportunity to impress the parents and players.
  • Have one coach managing the camp. The managing coach should keep track of the time and blow a whistle when he wants the kids to rotate stations.
  • Make it fun!
  • Purchase T-shirts and give them out to the kids that attend the camp. This will create excitement and the kids will be walking billboards.
  • Take the opportunity to talk with the parents. Become friendly with the parents.
  • Use this as an opportunity to evaluate the players.
  • To make the camp more appealing try to get a high school coach or a big football figure to attend the camp.