Sprint out Pass- Spread Formation

Sprint out Pass- Spread Formation

The sprint out pass is an excellent way to put the defense in a run-pass conflict.If you have a mobile QB this play is even more deadly. This sprint out passing concept floods one side of the field. It works very well against both man and zone coverage. If all receivers are covered, the QB can throw the ball away or run.

Execution & Rules 

1: Take snap, sprint out to the right, first option is the (4). If the (4) isn’t open look to the (3), if no one is open the QB can run the ball or throw it away.
2: Lead block for the QB, block contain player (DE or OLB).
3: Jet motion, continue into the flat. Run away from the defense.
4: 10-12 yard out route.
R: Go route, run-off the cornerback.
L: Go route, run off cornerback.
RG: Inside-over.
RT: Inside-over.
C: Block head up defender.
LG: Inside-over.
LT: Inside-over.

Coaching Points

  •  If you notice that the defense isn’t running with the motion player call this play. The motion player will be wide open in the flat.
  • The QB has a run- pass option on this play. If no one is open have him run the football.
  • All receivers must run crisp routes. They must drive their routes up the field and then break.
  • The (R) needs to do an outside release so that the cornerback turns his back to the play.

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