Slant Blitz- 3-5-3 Defense

TIP: Your best bet is to play man to man behind the blitz. I would recommend the (FS) taking the TE if he runs a TE pop pass. 

This slant blitz is out of the 3-5-3 defense. This play has the defensive line slant inside, while the linebackers slant outside. This is a very effective blitz play that can be install in one practice. This blitz play is very good against zone blocking schemes. The slanting defensive linemen will basically crack down on offensive linemen trying to step play-side. The inside slant will not allow guards to work double teams or work onto a linebacker. On the youth football level this play is very difficult to block. The linebackers are almost always free.  Having stacked linebackers will also keep the offensive line thinking because they will not know who is slanting, blitzing, or attacking where.

Slant Blitz- 3-5-3 Defense

N: Slant A-gap

Right DT: Slant C-gap

Left DT: Slant down B-gap. Rip through guard.

L:  Blitz outside. Contain. It is vital that the (L) does not let himself get sealed. He must always keep his outside shoulder free. If there is a wing back we must widen.

S: Blitzing C-gap.

M: Blitzing B-gap.

W: Secure backside B-gap, then pursuit.

R: Contain backside.

C: Deep 3rd coverage, or contain.

C: Deep 3rd coverage or contain.

FS: Deep middle third coverage. Cover TE in man to man pass situation.

 Pass Coverage

You can play a variety of pass coverage behind this blitz. You can play cover 3 zone with the corners playing deep 3rds, the middle safety playing deep middle 3rd, and the backside (W) playing the wide side flat. You can also play man to man coverage as well.  The middle safety will have the tight-end and the corners will cover the receivers.  I would prefer to run a zone coverage behind this blitz play because it is easier for the kids and is a little safer coverage with 3 deep defenders.

 Remember, you can live by the blitz but you can also die by the blitz. Blitz strategically! 

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