Single Wing Offense Jet Sweep Play

The Single Wing Offense Jet Sweep Play is my favorite play out of the single wing formation. The Jet Sweep attacks the edge of the defense very quickly. It forces the defense to adjust to the speed of the motion or they will get beat all game long by the Jet Sweep. The best thing about the Jet Sweep is that you only have to block 2-3 defenders to gain big yardage. The ball carrier will take the hand-off at full speed while the defense is standing still. This will allow your jet player to break any arm tackles and to outrun the pursuit. In addition, this Single Wing Formation gives you excellent play-side blocking angles. There are several other plays that can be ran off of the Jet Sweep. The QB/TB Power play is probably the best play off of Jet Sweep action. Since the Single Wing Offense doesn’t technically have a QB, you gain an extra blocker. The Single Wing Power Play will be featured on a future blog.

Single Wing Offense Jet Sweep Play

Center: Block head up nose guard.

Right Guard: Help with nose guard, work onto the middle backer.

Left Guard: Block head up defensive tackle. If there is no head up DT work onto a linebacker.

Right Tackle (end tackle): Down block on defensive tackle.

Left Tackle (inside tackle): Skip pull off of the end tackle’s down block, lead through. Executing a ‘fold’ with the (T) outside of him.

Tight-end: Work onto linebacker, cutoff. You can have him go get the middle safety as well.

Wingback (WB): Seal contain player, always maintain outside leverage. In this case the contain player is the defensive end.

Blocking Back (BB): Lead block through the hole.

Tailback (TB): Catch snap, hand to the (L) coming in jet motion. Carry out inside power fake.

Right Receiver/Split-end (R): Stalk block the cornerback. If the cornerback is playing press man to man coverage just have the (R) run-off.

Left receiver/flanker (L): Jet motion across when the QB looks at him. Take handoff and get outside.

Coaching Points

  • Jet motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped.
  • Jet motion needs to be at full speed. This will stress the defense horizontally.
  • Play-side wingback must seal the edge defender. Always work to maintain outside leverage. Defender cannot beat the WB to his up field shoulder.
  • QB needs to carry out his power fake to keep the defense honest.
  • Install the TB Power Play to keep the defense honest.

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