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Shotgun Buck Sweep Play

Shotgun Buck Sweep Play

The shotgun buck sweep play is a very good play in youth football. This play is executed like the traditional buck sweep but there are some minor adjustments. We run our buck sweep behind the jet motion with our play-side guard leading through. On the traditional buck sweep  from under center teams will pull both guards. We are only pulling one guard because our jet motion player coming across the formation is pretty much replacing the second pulling guard.  Our best players are at the wing so we like to get them the ball & we love to have them execute the “big” blocks.   This play works very well for us because we run a lot of jet sweeps and the jet motion influences defenders to widen out (helps create easy kick-out blocks). This play is extremely effective to the TE side (extra blocker).

C: Block head up defender.

RG: Secure inside gap or block over defender.  If there is no inside or over defender work onto a linebacker.

RT: block back-side defensive tackle.

LG: Pull, lead through the hole. The guard doesn’t have to pull if he has a defender in the A-gap or over him.

LT: Block defensive tackle.

TE: Double team defensive tackle with (LT).

SE: Work to block middle safety. You can also have him run off the cornerback.

1: QB hands off to the (2), then carries out fake to the right.

2: Take handoff from QB. The (2) will take the handoff in front of the QB. The (2) must cut inside the (4) kick-out block and get behind the (LG) pulling.

3:  Block linebacker.

4: Full speed jet motion across the formation. The (4) must kick-out the defensive end. Aiming point is the inside hip of the DE, gutting him out.  Jet motion player cannot go forward or go up field until the ball is snapped.

Coaching Points:

  • Motion timing needs to be practiced. You want the ball snapped as the motion back is passing in front of the QB.
  • QB must focus on catching the shotgun snap, then inserting the ball into the pocket of the (2).
  • (2) must cut inside of the (4) kick-out block and get behind the pulling guard.
  • Motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped or it is a penalty.
  • Motion player’s aiming point is the inside hip of the DE.
  • Need a good double team block on the play-side DT- THIS IS VITAL. 

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