Reinforce These HIDDEN Football Life Lessons

Coaching Football

Youth football is not just about x’s and o’s. We all know this to be true, right?

It is important to translate the message of what the benefits are of playing the sport to your kids. This will reinforce the message and make your kids appreciate the game even more.

Be loud to get these points across –

(1) Football enhances what we refer to as ‘schoolwork discipline’.  When your athlete is in a structured, goal orientated and disciplined football environment, this predisposes him to be a stud in the classroom. As an athlete- he will have solid work ethic, have an understanding of what he needs to do to succeed (goals), and he will promptly attend practice (as this is an integral part of his daily schedule). Simultaneously, if your athlete applies the principles learned while playing football, he will thrive in the classroom.

Whether it is picking up a new drill or comprehending a play, football creates a habit of learning. There have been numerous studies on how athletes perform better in school than non-athletes, read about the Whitley study here. 

(2) Youth football builds a respectful demeanor. Teachers report to us that football kids often act with great respect as they comprehend the concept of authority and the student/ teacher relationship. Socially, football players are often ‘popular’ and gregarious.

(3) The art of competition is an important life lesson as it breeds success in football and in life. Make certain your kids understand this life lesson. Your kids will compete for grades in school and for higher positions during their career, playing this sport sharpens and accentuates their power to compete.

Translate these positive character traits learned from football and reinforce what your kids are subconsciously learning.

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