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Quarterback Counter Trey from the Gun

The quarterback counter trey from the gun is an excellent play that is being used on every level of football. Nowadays, duel threat QBs are becoming very popular. This play offers deception and power at the point of attack. There are several different ways you can elect to execute the counter trey from the gun. I elected to use a twins formation  (pretty much trips) to one side to take defenders out of the box. If the defense doesn’t respect the twins side, you can have the QB catch the snap then throw the quick bubble screen. You can also utilize motions to create more deception.  The counter trey is very easy install and works very well on the youth football level. (16 implies that our- 1 (QB) is carrying the football,  6 is the point of attack (6 hole)).

Quarterback Counter Trey from the Gun Blocking

Center: Block nose guard. If there is no nose guard, the center blocks back-side A-gap. 

Right Guard:Double team the nose guard and work onto the middle backer. If the center can handle the nose, have the right guard work right onto the middle backer.  The counter step should make the middle backer take a false step to the backside of the play. 

Right Tackle: Double team defensive tackle with the (Y). 

Left Guard: Pull, kick-out defensive end. 

Left Tackle: Secure inside gap, block defensive tackle. 

Y: Double team defensive tackle with (T). If the offensive tackle can handle the DT, then have the (Y) work onto a linebacker. 

X:  Stalk block the corner. Run off the cornerback. Work onto the middle safety. Any of those 3 are an option. 

Z: Fake bubble screen. The (Z) needs to sell this fake, have him put his hand up and yell for the ball. 

S: Secure inside gap. Take any defender outside of the offensive tackle blocking down. 

QB:  Jab step left, let the guard and (HB) go by then cut off of the guard’s kick-out block, while getting behind the (HB)’s lead block.  This play needs to hit quick! 

HB: Lead block through the 6 hole. 

Coaching Points:

  • (QB) must jab step to the left then explode, cutting off of the pulling guard’s kick-out block. The (QB) does not fake to the (HB). Catch and secure snap, run and cut off of the pulling guards kick-out.
  • QB must secure snap first. You need a clean QB/Center shotgun snap. Snaps need to be perfect.
  • Pulling guard is kicking out the defensive-end. The guard’s aiming point is the inside hip of the DE. You want the guard to gut the DE out.
  • You have the option to throw the bubble screen if the defense isn’t adjusting to the twins side.
  • Play-side (TE) & (T) will double team the defensive tackle. If the defensive tackle is between the tackle and the guard, the guard and tackle will double team the defensive tackle and the (TE) will release for linebacker.
  • It is vital that the defensive tackle gets driven back. If you can get movement on the DT the play will go for big yardage. This is probably the most important block.
  • If you do not have a fulltime mobile QB you can put your best athlete at QB and let him run this play. It then becomes like the ‘wildcat’ formation.

Here are other ways to run the quarterback counter trey from the gun and from under center:

counter trey play

The football play to the left is the counter trey out of the I-formation. I have both the back-side guard and tackle pulling, while the fullback fills. You can have the fullback lead block through the hole and not pull the tackle. There are a couple of different ways you can run this play out of the I.  The play to the right is much like the quarterback counter trey from the gun, but it is out of the pistol formation. The only real difference from the play above is that the slot is coming in motion and kicking out the defensive end, while only the back-side guard is pulling. The (HB) is the ball carrier, rather than the QB. The formation, blocking, and motion variations for these plays are endless.

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