On the Road: Coach Todd Krueger Quarterback Training Session in Marlborough Mass.

Youth Football Online visited former NFL QB Todd Krueger’s quarterback training session in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  Todd has an impressive resume of quarterback coaching, working with athletes from the NFL, CFL, arena, UFL, semi-pro, college, high school and youth football leagues.

Before the training session, YFO was granted an exclusive interview with this highly sought after quarterback coach.  Coach Jeff and Coach Krueger discussed (watch the interview below) important offensive coaching topics such as proper youth football quarterback techniques.  Joining us was Youth Football Online All-Star Daron Bryden and his dad Craig Bryden.

Coach Krueger is a strong believer in NFL style fundamentals for young quarterbacks including:

  1. Correct ball position
  2. Correct throwing motion (a little over the top)
  3. Using more of the body (rotational throw with hips and shoulders)

Coach Krueger made it very clear that solid quarterback play starts with proper footwork. Coach Krueger’s saying:

“What’s the Quarterbacks job on the pass play?  Throw Completions.  To do that you have to be accurate.  And to have good accuracy, you have to have good footwork.”

During our interview, Coach Krueger stressed the importance of youth football practice. Youth quarterbacks need to throw the football regularly (up to 100 throws each workout), practice footwork and drop-back passing several times a week. As they say- practice makes perfect.

We asked Coach about common mistakes that youth football quarterbacks often make. His response- quarterbacks tend to hold the ball high above the shoulders. Coach Krueger also discussed proper techniques when throwing on the run- the squaring of shoulders and chest toward target.

Coach Krueger talked about the intangibles needed to be a successful quarterback. There is so much more to playing QB than just being able to throw. Leadership, resilience, work ethic, and confidence are all part of the challenging job description.

We felt a great sense of hospitality when we met Coach Todd Krueger.  Coach ran a smooth and productive training session, practicing various quarterback drills with excellent in-depth instruction. If you’d like to learn more, visit Coach Todd Krueger’s website PlayQB.com.

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