Run Blocking Drills

OL Firing out

The game of football is won in the trenches. It is vital that you put your linemen through good offensive linemen drills.

Offensive Linemen Run Blocking Drills

 Drill # 1 Fire Out

Break the kids up into groups, keeping them in the position they play. Get them into the huddle, coach calls fire out on “your snap count” , the kids then break the huddle and get to the line of scrimmage fast. They get their line splits and get down into their stance. Once the snap count is called they fire out and sprint for 10 yards. Mix up your snap count as well.

Coaching Point– a good huddle will make sure all the kids are in right spots, no sloppy looking huddles. Good break out of huddle is needed. The kids then Run to the line of scrimmage and get proper line-splits.








Drill # 2 Blocking Pads

Two coaches hold a blocking pad. The kids drive the coaches back on the cadence. Again, mix up your snap count.

Coaching Point– Good form is vital when teaching your football players to run block! Keep the feet pumping! Hands Inside!  Fire out on different snap counts. Each play last give or take 7 seconds-so make them drive the pad for 7 seconds.

run blocking drills
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Drill# 3 Meat Grinder

Lines of two-one on one drive blocking! Time to get competitive!  Who ever drives the other player further back wins.  Make the losing team do push-ups CREATE COMPETITION.  Make it fun, make the kids cheer for each other and make sure these kids are competing.  Have the kids fire out on the snap count. The player that is able to get out of their stance quicker once the snap count is called usually wins.

one on one drive blocking







If you have a strong offensive line, you will move the ball and win games. Focus on that offense line!


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