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Inside Look at the QB Counter Play | 20 Personnel

Inside Look at the QB Counter Play

The QB Counter Play is a great way to utilize your athletic Quarterback in the run game. When defenses are forced to defend the QB in the run game it will create a lot of stress and misalignment. When you have a mobile QB you can spread the field and if the defense matches, you can run inside with the QB. If they don’t match your spread formation you can attack the outside with quick screens. Here’s an inside look at the QB Counter Play out of 20 Personnel.

Inside Look at the QB Counter Play

This is a great play because there are several different ways you can execute it. I like this play because you can easily turn it into a run pass option. If the defense doesn’t match the T that push motions out wide, then the QB turns and throws to the T on the Push Screen. If the defense matches the the T, the QB will fake the throw to the T and then run Counter. If you decide to not make this an RPO, I recommend throwing the Push Screen first. This will set up the QB Counter. If the defense isn’t matching the T on the motion, throw to him all day long- you have 3 vs. 2 out in space.

Right Tackle: Replace guard, then work onto second level.

Right Guard: Pull, kick-out the first defender outside the LT. Aiming point is the inside hip of the DE. Depending on the defense, it could be an outside linebacker that is the kick-out player.

Center: Block backside A-gap defender. If he has a nose aligned over him, he must block the nose.

Left Guard: Block down on the A-gap defender. Base Rule- Inside-Over-Free.

Left Tackle: Inside-Over-Free (Linebacker) blocking rules.

Y: Stalk block the CB.

S: Stalk block defender covering him.

X: Stalk block the CB.

H: Pull, lead through the hole. Look to block the outside linebacker.

T: Push motion, fake push screen.

Q (non-RPO): Once everyone is set, send the T on the push motion. Once he gets outside of the tackle box, begin cadence, get the ball snapped. Fake the Screen to the T, run Counter. Get right behind the H’s lead block.
Q (RPO): If the defense doesn’t match the T on the push motion, throw to the T. If the defense bumps out with the T, run QB Counter.

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This play isn’t executed very well, but this video gives you a good look at the actual concept.


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Coaching Points

  • Motion player cannot go or lean forward until the football is snapped. The T has to stay flat with his motion until the football is snapped, or this will be an illegal motion penalty.
  • If you decide to make this an RPO, it’s a simple numbers game. If the defense doesn’t match the T on the push motion, the QB should throw it. You’ll have 3 players vs. 2 defenders. If the defense matches, you will have a soft box, and the QB should run. All other players block it like it is Counter, even if the QB throws the Push Screen.