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The Promotion & Instruction of Youth Football

Importance of Discipline in Youth Football

Discipline is a key aspect for success in almost all walks of life, and there is no place it is more obvious then on the football field.  When a young football player is disciplined he excels on the football field. Here are some of the traits you can expect from a disciplined youth football player:

·        Will not go offside or fall start at the line of scrimmage.

·         Knows the plays, snap counts and blocking rules.

·         Does not take bad penalties.

·         Arrives at practices and games on time.

·         Completes homework before practice, thus cutting down on missed practices.

·         Eats, sleeps and hydrates properly every day.

·         Sticks to a physical fitness routine.

referee with flag

During our recent trip to Arizona for the 2012 Junior Rank Diamond Flight football camp, we observed the Marines Corps instilling discipline to the football camp participants. We were particularly impressed with the Marine Corps’ approach.  The Marines’ dynamic warm-ups were a grueling set of exercises and stretches to help condition and prepare the talented group of youth football athletes. The Marines brought intensity to an already serious football environment that had professional coaches, scouts and media in attendance. The Marines’ drill instructors used military-style discipline combined with respect for authority, which carried throughout the entire camp.  This was evident in many different ways including, but certainly not limited to, how the football athletes addressed the camp coaches as ‘sir’.  Egos were left off the field.  Every kid in this football camp gave 110%, and no kid quit.

How important is discipline in children’s daily life? Discipline helps a student tune out distractions (i.e. TV, internet, video games) so they can effectively study for an important exam or complete assignments.  Discipline helps a child make the right choices such as saying “no” to cigarettes even when others around him smoke.  It is discipline that makes a youth football athlete say ‘I will work harder today because I want to be the best’.  This is what we want for all our youth athletes.