Fullback Trap Play

Fullback Trap Play

Fullback Trap Play for Youth Football

In youth football the trap play is under utilized. Many teams will just run a “dive right” or “dive left” with straight ahead blocking. This only works if you have a couple of beasts on the offensive line that can really move some defensive linemen. The trap block is a devastating block. Many times the kid will not even see the trap block coming. Plus you can bet the defensive tackle was not taught how to or what squeezing is and he will end up getting kicked out easily.

The Fullback Trap Play Blocking Rules

Center (C): Blocks head up defender. If there is no head up defender and he is seeing double A gap defenders, he will block the backside A gap defender.

Right Guard (Red G): Pull, kick-out the first defender past the guard. It is important that the pulling guard does not belly back into the backfield. He needs to explode out of his stance and pull right behind the center’s butt and kick-out the defensive tackle. The aiming point for the trap block (kick out) is the inside hip of the defender that is getting trapped. Guard needs to finish the block-drive legs through the defender.

Right Tackle (T): Protect pulling guard gap. Block down on any defender attacking the guard’s gap. Also, keep an eye on the middle linebacker to make sure he doesn’t come up and blitz that gap. Many times teams will send the middle linebacker right over the guard. If the guard has a player over him and really shouldn’t pull, have a “STAY” call. The Stay call will tell the guard not to pull and just go through his normal blocking rules.

Left Guard (G): Double team nose guard with the center, then come off onto the middle linebacker. You want the guard to help with the nose (N) until the center gets control. Keep in mind that the (N) is the main block on this play. If you do not get that kid driven back, he will blow up the play. So don’t worry so much about the guard coming off and getting onto a linebacker. Priority is getting that nose driven back.

Left Tackle (T): Cross face of the defensive tackle and get onto a linebacker.

Tight-end (TE): Secure inside gap, release onto linebacker.

Wide Receiver (WR): Work to get that middle safety…Could end up being the touchdown block.

Wingback (WB): Work to get onto a linebacker or look to cut off a pursuing linebacker.

Qauretback (1): Open up, hand ball to the fullback. You want the QB to just turn and hand to the (FB). You do not want the QB stepping back or to the left. Take the snap, turn and hand off. The aiming point for the (FB) is between the guard and center. Need a clean exchange. It is the QB’s job to insert the hand off cleanly.

Fullback Trap out of the I-formation

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