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The Texas Youth Football Association (TYFA) league, its coaches and Esquire Network openly display the poorest representation of youth football known to man via the show Friday Night Tykes. We question who at Esquire network has the right or qualification to promote hashtag #ThisIsFootball because Friday Night Tykes is certainly not football. You may have a friend or neighbor that wants to involve their kid in football but is unsure, please do not let them watch this show. The hardcore, real benefits that come from playing football are not coming through and it is utterly frustrating to watch.

Here’s what’s wrong with TYFA and how this league can correct these issues:

  • Concentration on safe/sound football instruction is muddied by the coaches overzealous desire to win. FIX: Coaches need to come to the realization that youth football is not about them, it’s about a safe introduction into the game of football.  Coaches need to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror. Is winning more important than sacrificing player safety? Absolutely not. 
  • At football practice, if you’re not teaching proper football tackling technique as your first priority, you should not be coaching youth football. TYFA practices should be completely revamped, kids running full speed toward each other makes little sense. FIX: Teach shoulder tackling with a renewed focus to get the head out of tackling, out with the old school mindset and into a new safer game. No excuses!
  • Cursing and poor grammar on the field is never acceptable. FIX: If you do not know how to command the English language properly, then that means you’re not a good communicator and you should not be a leader of young children.  Stop cursing around 10 year old kids! It’s unprofessional and completely pathetic. 
  • Bickering amongst coaches. FIX: Kids pick up on this, do it off the field if you must do it at all.  When speaking about the Outlaws, a team that has not lost a game in three years, two words come to mind- egotistical personalities!
  • Unnecessary military style punishments are a major turn off. FIX: Kids play football to have fun, not go through boot camp. Don’t break the fine line between discipline and unnecessary punishment. 

These coaches do not represent the majority of youth football coaches across the country. Friday Night Tykes- Is Not Football! Coaches/parents/athletes- How important is it to you to have a winning season, are you willing to sacrifice player safety to win? Comments welcome.

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