First Coaches Meeting- 2015 Season

First Coaches Meeting- 2015 Season

This weekend I will be holding my first coaches meeting of the season. I have two new coaches joining my staff this year so this first meeting will be very important for them. I have a total of six coaches including myself.  The majority of my staff has been with me for a while, but the new additions will have to learn how we do things.  I have to discuss and assign coaching responsibilities. We have to discussion all three phases of the game (offense, defense, & special teams). We will touch on practice planning, drills, and player positioning (evaluating roster) in the next meeting.  Each coach will get a printed copy of our playbook with all of our base plays. This will  be our longest meeting of the season.


I will assign coaching responsibilities to each assistant coach. Coaches that have been with me for a while are already aware of their responsibilities. I will ask my new coaches what position they are interested in coaching.  Once my coaches are assigned positions/responsibilities the coaches will be given playbooks and position coaching points.  It is vital that all coaches are assigned a position to coach on both sides of the ball.  It is the HC’s job to clearly define the roll of his assistant coaches.  Assigning responsibilities will also keep all of your coaches busy, while making them feel part of the coaching staff.


After responsibilities are given to the coaches, we will discuss our offense. We are a wing t team BUT, we will make minor adjustments to our offense based on our roster. I will quickly go over our offensive philosophy and what I expect from our offense. We will talk about our jet, trap, belly, down, reverse, waggle, and slip screen first. Those are our base plays that we will be implementing first.  I will bring a dry-erase board so I can go over the playbook in further detail. Even though the majority of my staff has been with me for a while, there are always new wrinkles or adjustments I will add before the season.Proper blocking technique, blocking scheme, ball security, stances, and line splits will also be discussed in great detail.


Proper Blocking Technique

QB-RB Handoff Exchange


We are a 5-3 defense for the most part. I considered implementing a 3-5-3 defense for deception/blitz & stunts purposes, but we are going to stay with our 5-3. The 3-5-3 is actually very similar to the 5-3.  This meeting we will breakdown our defense philosophy and I will also assign position coaches. We will go through all our alignments and gap responsibilities. We will go through all our blitz and stunt calls and blitz play calling. We will also get into block destruction, tackling technique, zone coverage, and pursuit to the football.


How to Tackle with Proper Tackling Technique

Rip Move for Block Destruction

Special Teams

This past season I was very disappointed in our special teams production. We had somewhat of a down year as far as kick and punt return production goes. I think the lack of consistent production was due to the fact that we didn’t have any really explosive players and that most teams onside kicked every time.  I plan on really digging into special teams during this meeting. I have a couple of wrinkles I want to add into our kickoff return team. I also have a new extra point block play I’d like to discuss. We will go over every aspect of special teams from kickoff coverage to field goal (kicking for extra points) blocking protection and scheme.


Coaching Special Teams in Youth Football

Free Special Teams Plays


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