Fire Blitz- 44 Split Defense

This is an easy blitz play to install.  This is an overload blitz that will put an enormous amount of pressure on the opposing offensive line. This play is sending a defender through each gap. This play features four defensive linemen. The two defensive tackles (T) are in the A-gaps. The two defensive ends (E) are in the C-gaps. The two inside linebackers(W) & (M) are 4 yards off of the football, over the B-gaps. The (SS) is covering the slot receiver. If there is no slot receiver the (SS) is to lineup as the end man on the line of scrimmage. The (S) is lined up as a containment player (outside leverage).  There are two corners and one deep middle safety. The secondary can either play man to man or play a 3 deep zone (cover 3) behind the blitz.

Fire Blitz- 44 Split Defense

Run Responsibility.  Pass Responsibility.

(T): A-gap. Interior pass rush. 

(T): A-gap. Interior pass rush.

(E): C-gap. Pressure QB, while anchoring C-gap. 

(E): C-gap. Pressure QB, while anchoring C-gap. 

(W): B-gap.  Cover (HB) if it is a pass.

(M): Blitz B-gap. Creep up as the QB begins his cadence.

(SS): Containment support.  Force Player (Turn play inside). Cover Slot-receiver. If there is no slot receiver- cover a TE. 

(S): Blitz off of the edge. Contain- do not let the QB or ball carrier get outside. 

(CB): Containment support.  Man to man coverage on (WR). 

(CB):Containment support. Man to man coverage on (WR). 

(FS): Cover (TE). Slowly creep up as the QB begins his cadence. You can’t cover the TE from 12 yards deep.

Coaching Point

You do not want to show this blitz too early. Have your blitzing defenders creep up after the play is given to the offense and as the QB begins his cadence. This is vital because we do not want to give the offense a good pre-snap read of the defense. If you are concerned about the TE, you can have the (S) jam the (TE) before he blitzes.

ALSO! You can bail out of this blitz at the last minute by yelling “BAIL”. After executing this blitz a couple of times, we will show this blitz and then bail out of it (back to base defense). We will show this blitz on 3rd down, then bail out of it and have our (S) cover the TE and intercept the TE dump pass that youth football teams love to run vs this blitz.


We love to call this blitz vs. spread teams. But! This blitz play is a bit weak against the pass because you are sending both linebackers from one side. A quick TE dump pass can beat this blitz. Call this play with caution, do not blitz your players out of the play.  Remember this, you live by the blitz, you die by the blitz. Make sure when you call a blitz play, your defenders blitz hard.

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