Fade Route off of Buck

Fade Route Off of Buck Action- Play Action Passing Play

This fade route off of buck sweep is a very explosive play. Once you are able to establish the buck sweep, you will be able to hit the defense with this fade route.  Whenever we feel we have the potential to hit this play we will call “G-90”. G, means go/fade route,  90 means pass blocking.  It is very important that the back field carries out all their fakes. This really needs to look like buck sweep.  You also have the option to give a key breaker (pulling the left guard so it looks like buck sweep). But, this is probably unnecessary on the younger age levels of youth football.

C: Pass block, block head up defender.

RG: Inside, over blocking rule.

RT: Inside, over blocking rule.

LG: Inside, over blocking rule.

LT: Inside, over blocking rule.

TE: Inside, over blocking rule.

SE: Run fade route.  Cheat split in a bit to allow room to fade towards sideline. Also, you want the SE to do an outside release, which will turn the CB’s back to the QB, making it difficult to play the ball when it is in the air. 

1 (QB): Step, ride 2 back fake, plant and throw the fade. Ball needs to come out quickly.

2: Fake buck sweep. The 2 must really fake the sweep- run full speed, open up arms like he is able to take a handoff, and continue the fake.

3: Block defensive end.

4: Full speed jet motion. Motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped.  

Here is a link to the- shotgun buck sweep article

Coaching Points

  • Run to wide side of field because the safety will usually line up over the ball.
  • Step into defenders when pass blocking. Don’t have your linemen step back and let the pass rush bull them over.
  • Quick hitting play- QB gives a little step and rides the (2) fake, then plants and throws the fade- high & outside.  The QB doesn’t have to exaggerate the fake. The fake has to be sold by the (2) back.
  • SE outside release, turning the defenders back to the QB.
  • Call this play on non-passing situation to catch the defense sleeping. Meaning, call this play on 2nd or 3rd and 1.

Slant Route off of Buck 

Slant Route

Coaching Points

  • Split-end (SE) lines up a little wider to give himself room to run the slant.
  • The ball needs to come out fast. The QB must hit the slant route between the linebackers and cornerback.
  • SE must step outside with his first step (to make the corner turn his hips outside), then slant towards the middle. Once the SE catches the slant he will then look to get right up the field.
  • Run to wide side of field because the safety will usually line up over the ball.
  • You have the option to have the offensive line cut block on this as well.

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