Double Post Passing Concept

The Double Post Passing Concept is one of the best ways to threaten the defense deep and get the Safeties out of the run game. The Double Post works especially well off of run action and can be run from almost any 2×2 set.

The Double Post Concept is made up of two sides, the Double Post Side and the Smash Side. On the Smash Side the two receivers will run a standard Smash Concept to bring the Safety out of the middle of the field.

The main concept will be taking place on the Double Post side. The Double Post side has two very different Post routes. The inside receiver will run what we call a Bait Post while the outside receiver will run a Skinny Post. The purpose of both routes is to create space for the Skinny Post to come open over the middle of the field.

The Bait Post comes from the inside receiver. The concept of the Bait Post is to run a receiver a in front of the Safety to force him to come up. This will open space behind for the Skinny Post to come open. There are a few key rules for the Bait Post. He must stay vertical for 7 yards and get past any Linebacker who is getting depth.  After he has cleared the linebackers he takes the angle required to get in front of the Safety. His goal is to attract the attention of this Safety to open up space behind him.

The Skinny Post is the Quarterbacks primary read. His route is designed to push the Cornerback vertical, plant on his outside foot and get into the green grass that is opened up by the Bait Post. This route has the name of a Skinny Post because it is more of a vertical break than a traditional Post route.

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The Quarterback’s role in the Double Post Concept is to hold the linebackers from dropping to the Bait Post. There are a variety of ways to do this but the most effective way is to have a Play Action concept in the backfield. This run action brings the linebacker forward as well as getting the Safeties attention. As the Safety begin to play the run he will see the Bait Post come across his face and will chase the Post. This leaves the space behind him wide open for the Skinny Post to run into.

The Quarterback is throwing the ball exclusively to the Skinny Post. If he gets pressure or the Skinny Post is covered he will throw the ball away deep downfield. By throwing the ball away down field the defense knows that the offense is taking a shot. This makes the Safeties hesitant to come up and play the run.

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