Cross Blitz out of the 44 Defense

Cross Blitz out of the 44 Defense

This cross blitz is a very aggressive blitz.  This blitz play will confuse the offensive line’s blocking scheme.  This blitz  has the front side defensive linemen  slant down and the linebackers slant out. This play diagram has the defense playing man to man coverage (green lines). You can also play a cover 3 or even a cover 2 zone behind the blitz.


Picture1(T): Fire out, rip through, secure A-gap.

(T): Fire out, rip through, secure  A-gap.

(LE): Line up in C-gap, slant down to B-gap.  Make sure the defensive end rips across the offensive tackle’s face and gets penetration (red line).

(RE):  Fire out, rip through, anchor C-gap.  If the play looks like it is going away the defensive end cannot chase laterally. If the defensive end chases laterally and doesn’t anchor (hold the c-gap) you will get beat on a counter.

(M):  B-gap responsibility, flow to the football.  Running back responsibility if it is a pass.

(M ): Blitz C-gap.  You do not want the linebacker to show he is blitzing too early. Creep up as the QB starts his cadence.  Make sure the defenders watch the football (red line).

(S): Contain, secure contain then pursue to the football. If it is a pass he is responsible for the tight-end or the first receiving threat inside of the a wide receiver.

(W): Blitz,  contain the outside.  Creep up as the QB starts the cadence, attack on BALL MOVEMENT.

(CB): Containment support on running play, man to man coverage on receiver or tight-end.

(CB): Containment support on running plays. Man to man coverage on receiver or tight-end.

(S):Deep middle coverage. If it is a pass the safety must cover a running back.


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