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Youth Football Coaches Preseason Checklist

Are you ready for some preseason football?  As prep work begins for youth football leagues across the country, it’s time to get organized and have a prepared plan going into the season. It is important to remember that organization is the key to having a successful season!

✅ Confer with your coaching staff; make a firm decision on a offensive and defensive football playbook. The type of offense you select will be based on a variety of factors such as:

  1. How ‘fast’ is your squad?
  2. Is your quarterback mobile?
  3. Do you have a talented youth football running back that can take over a game?

Pick an offensive scheme that is easy to learn and is fun for the kids, parents and coaches.

Prepare your Coaches Philosophy document. It is great to have friends, family and/or neighbors on your coaching staff, ensure everyone understands their roles on the team. The head coach should always present this document and coaches must agree to adhere to it. Center the document around a “kids first” philosophy. 

✅ Attitude. A good attitude makes all the difference in having a successful season teaching kids football. A good football coach teaches football, a great coach amplifies the life lessons that are learned while playing the game.

✅ Prepare updates to your Parent’s Code of Conduct letter. Returning coaches- what did you learn about parent behavior in your previous year of coaching? We often hear instances from social media which are uncalled for, the root cause being parent bickering. Simple fix- the addition of a ‘social media clause’. I love to remind parents of this document throughout the season.

✅ Read our ‘How to Have a Winning Season Guaranteed!‘. This details how to guide a positive youth football experience in the new season.

✅ Search YouTube for new stretching techniques and football conditioning drills, I love this resource for discovery. Implement the drills that most make sense.

✅ Prepare a work-flow system for you to work in a quiet area. This is your personal football ‘man-cave’ with necessities-  whiteboard, Ipad and coaching material. Now you will prepare a work-flow system that include a plan to the following:

  1. Prepare / Setup
  2. Execute
  3. Analyze

Use this work-flow for all aspects of coaching in the new year, from practices to drills. Keep it systematic and organized and you’ll have full control of a winning football season! Good luck coaches.