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The Promotion & Instruction of Youth Football
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Banning youth football? There is a movement forming..

Imagine if there was no youth football. What would kid athletes across the United States do?

Would they partake in playing video games full-time and/or possibly be hanging out with the wrong crowd?

The game is being attacked by those who just don’t understand or the changes that are coming forth.  Changes that include a stricter set of safety rules, limiting physical contact during practice time, and advances in helmet technology.  Dr. Paul Butler from the Dover school board in New Hampshire has all intentions to end football for kids. He played High School football, albeit in a different era as he in his 60’s, so the question is asked- does he understand the game is evolving? We’d like to know.

Dr. Butler told WHDH-TV: “I’ll do my best to try to convince the other members of the school board that it’s a dangerous game and that we should abandon it.”

For now, I have formulated an open letter to Dr. Butler-

Dear Dr. Butler,

Abandoning and banning youth football from our culture is a serious concept, have you really thought this through?

Banning youth football-

Means the end of a family event, a moment to encourage a child to do his best in competition.

It means the end of a safe, structured environment for a child after school.

Banning youth football means the end of learning football plays. The keyword is learning! Youth football encourages fitness for the mind.

No football? No discipline. A child will need discipline when an acquaintance that acts as a friend, offers him an illegal drug. That kid will need discipline when he’s a college student studying for a final exam.

It means the end of the ultimate team building sport.

youth football teamwork

Physical fitness? Do you want the childhood obesity numbers to continue to rise across the country? We don’t.

It means the end of youth cheerleading.

Would you rather get kids involved in baseball? I can assure you having playing both, there is a stark difference between the two sports.

Sir, did you really think this through?

We travel the country and meet football parents and kids that 100% understand the benefits of being involved in the great game of football.  The people we meet are some of the best character people on earth. While we respect your opinion, we will be here to oppose you. Our mission is to get every child involved in youth football because of the numerous benefits of playing the game, just a few mentioned above.

Best Regards,


What are your thoughts on this topic? Comment below.