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Coach Oliver Zemevka is the QB/Passing Coach in Germany for the Berlin Rebels.  The ‘Junior Level’ is the youth football level in Germany. 

When it comes to teaching and developing young QB´s on the junior level, certain intangibles are of critical importance in order to successfully play offensive football no matter the system. Lets not forget, we´re not looking for the next number 1 draft pick, we are looking for a kid who is able to be the COACHES RIGHT hand man on the field.

So what does it take to be a QB on the junior level playing good ball and how can Training be approached?

Approaching QB Training for Junior Age Groups

1.) Reliability- hey, if the kid has a cannon for an arm but doesn’t know the plays or he shows up when he wants, look for somebody else playing to play QB.

2.) Self motivation- Being a quarterback at the junior level means learning and practicing content all the time. Results are foreseeable if coach has to remind and pressure a kid to study and practice more than correct his practice.

3.) Curiosity- Football is a game of 1000 stories, so if you happen to have a kid who is new but borderline bugging you with questions about the game all the time, think of him being the one reproducing knowledge within the team and being able to give help on the field. Make him your partner.

4.) Social Skills- frankly, wouldn’t it be cool to run an offense just like the Pros or go Air Raid like Texas Tech? Yes of course. But we are coaching young kids right in the challenge of growing up and becoming adults and father figures. Lets not forget to focus on life values and appreciate social skill over velocity.

5.)  Point guard “Attitude”- you need to be the one in charge of moving the ball and also protecting it from harm. If a kid is more about scoring himself than letting his peers shine, think about a switch.- Is it fun to him to pass the ball to a teammate? QB’s cannot be selfish.

Of course there various drills specifically for the QB Position on a technical basis, but these will not give the kid the Success it is looking for if a certain mindset is not being met.  Explaining the magnitude of the position from a non-technical standpoint, but rather the above mentioned criteria has been of great help finding the ” Right” kid for me personally.

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