4-4 Stack- “Storm Blitz”

4-4 Stack- “Storm Blitz”

The 4-4 Stack- “Storm Blitz” is one of my favorite blitzes.  The stacked linebackers will create blocking confusion for the offensive linemen.  It will keep the offense wondering who is going to attack where? I feel that stacked defenses are underrated and under utilized in youth football.

This play attacks one side of the offensive line with an overload blitz. This play sends 4 defenders, while the defense will only have 3 blockers.  Defensive tackles have A gaps. The defensive-ends have the C-gap. The middle linebacker will have B gap. The outside linebacker (blitz side) will have contain. The backside of the defense will secure gaps,  then get into pursuit lanes and run to the ball carrier. You can play man to man or cover 3 behind this blitz. The backside linebacker or DE must stay home for cut back or reverse.

This youth football blitz play should be used when teams are running off tackle. If the defense fires out on ball movement, this play should blow the offensive play up. When you are having your linebackers blitz, make sure they blitz with attitude. Meaning, they better go hard, fire out, and attack the offense. Half-hearted blitzes do not work out well for the defense.


  • Blitz side flat will be wide open.
  • The outside backer blitzing cannot let the play get around his outside shoulder.
  • This blitz works best against double tight-ends or power running teams.


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