3 Tight-end Quick out!

There were 3 plays that gave us some trouble in our Cover 3 – the Go-out, Tight-end Quick Pop, and 4 Verticals. These plays were executed out of the Ace Spread Formation! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! We’re be releasing brand new videos on a weekly basis!  Subscribe: Youth Football Online  

Making Your Off-Season Count | Post-Season Evaluations

Now that the season is over for the majority of us it’s time we take a look and reflect on the past season. This is a very important process for coaches.

Creating a Leverage Advantage By Using a Compressed Split

At any level of football one of the most dangerous things to defend is speed on the edge of the field. As a result, defenses will work hard to keep outside leverage and keep everything inside of them.

Elements of Running a Simple 2 Minute Drill

Running an effective two-minute drill is one of the toughest things to do in football. The ability to teach players how to move down the field using a limited amount of time will stress any coaching staff.