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2 AWESOME Plays that Utilize Motion | Ace Formation

Straight out of my Playbook! 2 AWESOME Plays that Utilize Motion | Aces Formation

Here are 2 awesome plays that utilize motion! These plays are out of our Spread “Ace” formation. The play call will be determined by how the defense is reacting to our motion. The defense  will do one of two things: One, they will  have a defender run with the motion (or roll/bump a defender over)or two, they won’t run with the motion player at all (or the defender won’t keep up). We let the defense decide how we will beat them. These plays aren’t difficult to install and they work very well together.

Play (1): 8 Speed-out  Pass

This is a play we use when the defense doesn’t shift or run with our motion player. Most teams play man to man coverage so in theory (unless the bump the defenders over)  the defender covering our motion player needs to follow him wherever he goes.  Most of the time when we run our full speed jet motion across the formation the defender responsible for covering our motion player doesn’t keep up. The motion player will almost always outrun the defender running with him. This play is a man to man coverage killer, but the Go route by the (SE) and the Corner route by the (4) makes this really a flood concept.  Flood concepts are excellent ways to beat zone coverage. So this play will work regardless if the defense is in zone or man coverage (as long as the throw and catch is good).

Speed Out Football Play
The (TE) can pass protect if you are concerned about backside pressure.

(C): Step play-side, pass block.  

(RG): Step play-side, pass block.

(RT): Step play-side, pass block.

(LG):  Step play-side, pass block.

(LT):  Step play-side, pass block.

(TE): Step play-side, pass block.  You can have the tight-end release on a ‘quick pop’ or you can have him execute a post, or even a shallow drag. There are several options here…

(WR/SE): Go route. Outside release, beat the CB deep. The outside release will force the CB to turn his back to the play. Basically the SE is going to run off the CB.

(1): Catch snap, sprint out to the right. Make sure the QB gets depth. This is also a run-pass option. If the QB doesn’t have anyone open he take take off and run. First look is the (3) in the flat. If the (3) isn’t open look to hit the (4) on the corner route.  Also, the ball cannot be snapped until the (3) passes by the QB on the the jet motion.

(2): Seal the edge defender, which will most likely be the defensive end. The (2) must attack his block while maintaining outside leverage. Hook the defensive end!

(3): Full speed jet motion, run into flat, continue route into the field. Run away from the teeth of the defense. Motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped.

(4): 12 yard corner route. (4) must continue his route to the field. Drive route up the field, then break to the corner.  

Play (2): 47 Reverse

After you beat the defense once or twice with the Speed-out play you can hit them with this reverse.  As you keep hitting them with Jet Sweep and the 8 Speed-out Pass, defenses will begin to realize that they have to make sure they have a defender running with the motion player. Most of the time the defender covering our (3) coming in motion will run across with the motion player. This is great because the motion player will clear out that side, leaving us one less defender to block.  It’s also great because the defender we are clearing out will most likely to be a good athlete (CBs = Good Athletes) and probably one of their better players.

Reverse Football Play
You can also have the TE block down on the (E) and the (G) block outside linebacker. There are several different blocking options.

(C):  Block backside A-gap defender. If he has a head-up nose guard the (C) must block him.

(RG): Step play-side, reach.  Make it look like jet sweep.

(RT): Step play-side, reach. Make it look like jet sweep.

(LG): Open up, two steps back, pull and get depth- look to seal the end man on the line of scrimmage.  The (G) can delay for a second, but make sure he gets depth into the backfield so that he has a good angle to seal off the end man on the line of scrimmage. You don’t want to have this kid block too early.

(LT): Block down, fill pulling guard gap.

(TE): Work to second level, look to block closest linebacker pursuing the reverse. (TE) must maintain outside leverage, wall off the outside. Ideally, you want him to be able to seal the play-side outside linebacker.

(WR/SE):  Run off cornerback. You can also have him just stalk block the cornerback or even run a post pattern at the middle safety. I prefer having him run off the cornerback because it will force the safety out of the middle of the field.  

(1): Take snap, hand off to the (3) coming in full speed jet motion. After handing to the (3), QB gets some depth, pulls out and looks to lead block for the (4) coming on the reverse. He is to block the first threat to the ball carrier.

(2): Block play-side defensive end like it is jet sweep.

(3): Full speed jet motion, take hand off like he would on jet sweep. Once the (3) takes the handoff he gets some depth, then hands to the (4) on the reverse (4 comes behind the 3). The (3) must continue his fake after he hands off.

(4):  Two sets forward, then peel back and come on the reverse. The timing on this reverse will vary depending on age and player speed. You don’t want the (4) to come on the reverse too early because you want the defense to really flow to the jet motion. 

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