10 Rules on Building Social Media Networks for Athletes

10 Rules on Building Social Media Networks for Athletes

10 Rules on Building Social Media Networks for Athletes

Over the last several years I have witnessed foolish comments shared across social media networks end collegiate football dreams. Don’t let this happen to you. Use social media smartly and you will improve as an athlete and gain considerable exposure. Use it the wrong way and you’ll be ignored and discarded. Keep in mind you have the power to structure your network and this is the key to your social media success. Are you going to ‘muck up’ your network with people of less worth? Or are you going to align yourself with friends, family and mentors that will help you get better.  Your reputation is at risk with each word that you tweet or post on Facebook.

Follow these tips and build a successful network on social media:

1- Always represent yourself as a respectful student athlete with utmost class and dignity. Grammar matters. Using bad language is absolutely unnecessary as it shows classlessness and immaturity.

2- Have a professional appearance for your profile picture. Be well groomed. This is what the world sees first and how people subconsciously form an opinion of you.

3- Use social media for information gathering. Follow speed and strength coaches as they tend to share useful information.

4-  Look to gain a football audience. Follow high school and college coaches. Hopefully, they will follow you back as it would be beneficial to have coaches in your network.

5-  Provide value to your network. Post valuable training tips and observations on your personal blog and then tweet out the information. Post workout pictures via Instagram. 

6- Create highlight videos on Youtube, Vine and Instagram. This generally results in great exposure as coaches can stumble upon your highlight film in their newsfeed.

7- Don’t tweet when you’re angry. Trust me, you will regret it.

8- Build relationships with other skilled athletes. This is an opportunity for you to network with other talented athletes that have similar goals.

9-  Ignore the “haters”. Focus on those that provide encouragement, all others aren’t worthy of your time.

10- Follow Youth Football Online for tips on self-improvement.

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