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10 Reasons Your Kids Need to Train NOW

Youth Football Strength Training

There are fundamental reasons why every kid should begin a structured physical training routine as early as possible. While some of these reasons are all about optimal football play, the primary reason why your kid needs to train highlights overall child development. Now, it is important to clarify that younger kids should begin training without equipment (calisthenics) while gradually integrating weights into their routine as they mature.

Training for physical fitness is the single most important habit you will teach your child. Here’s why!

10. A structured physical fitness program will promote dedication to achievement of goals. If your child is disciplined enough to train, this work ethic will carry forward into other areas of his life specifically SCHOOL.

9. Training promotes super powers- strength, speed, endurance and flexibility. Kids will need these powers from pee wee football to high school football..

8. Eradicates childhood obesity. 20% of kids in the USA are overweight, in some areas that number climbs to well over 50%. Sedentary lifestyles and an overconsumption of calories contributes to this, but we can known it out. If children have the building blocks and education to get healthy, we will wipe out obesity in kids and eventually adults.

7. An exercise presents a challenge. I see every set as an obstacle, every rep as a mountain that I will climb, or dominate in my path to a successful workout. When you are consistently overcoming challenges in the gym- increasing weight, frequency or intensity- then you are learning a lesson in defeating adversity.

6. Learn it early and it will likely stick with you. My grandfather was the perfect example of good health. He lived a healthy, fulfilled life until his passing at age 95. At 94 years old, my grandfather and I would go to the local tennis court and hit balls to each other as onlookers stopped in disbelief. His primary focus was eating clean (he was a lifelong vegetarian) and his daily workout. He was disciplined! If it rained outside, he would walked up and down a flight of stairs inside for an hour to get his work out in, nothing was stopping him. In my conversations with him, he often talked about how he learned about physical fitness from his dad at a very early age and it stuck with him.

5. Those who are physically fit often open up opportunities in the workplace for advancement. Whom would you rather higher, a person that is in good shape or someone obese? There are studies online that narrate a story of weight discrimination in the workplace.

4. Best stress relief. Kids have various stresses abundant- school, friends, football practice, and the list goes on.

3. Early exercise promotes good sleeping habits. After school, football practice and a workout, your child will sleep like a baby.

2. Deters being bullied. Obviously.

1. Physical fitness training is fun! Working out with friends is actually a wonderful social activity. It’s an activity that parent and child can share together; a great way to be involved in the early stages your child’s development. Maybe not right away, but eventually your kid will actually love training.

How will you know when your child is ready for weight lifting? The Mayo Clinic recommends kids start with light weights as early as 8 years old , seems too young to us, but as long as the kids are mature enough perform correct movements. It depends on the child. When he or she has mastered the basics of fitness without weights, it’s all about perfect form. Read up on our article on 3 essential youth football exercises.