An Uncle’s Perspective on Youth Football

An Uncle’s Perspective on Youth Football 

By James Campion

Over the years I have had several nephews of mine involved in youth football. I viewed their involvement almost as mandatory coming from parents that were very active in their children’s lives. But as of late I have noticed the positive effect it has had on them more than ever before. This youth sport has also changed and improved the community of friends around them. I could have never imagined how an involvement in a simple sport such as football could blossom into a world of responsible maturity that I see in this young men and women.

I personally regarded youth sports as a way of keeping kids busy and out of trouble. Like so many parents I was grateful to go to the games and root my family into the end zone. The numerous organizations of youth football brings adults and children together in a common goal of empowerment and success. The strive to better one’s self on and off the field is what it is like to be human. To improve your physical and mental strength while growing into adulthood is essential not only to build better athletes but better business leaders and decision makers.

We live in a brave new world that is moving so fast. Technology and innovation is what will take our future to new heights. I see such an evolution in not only the players but the coaches and support staff around them. More importantly, I am witness to the changes that youth football is having on these brilliant young minds that only want to strive to better themselves and the future of our country. Onward and upward my young friends. May your hard tackles on the field make life’s challenges all that more satisfying.

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