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Youth Football Online Selects YFO All Star Logan Pouliot

Logan Pouliot

Name: Logan Pouliot

State: NJ

Offense: Jet Wing T

Defense: 53 Swarm

Position: RB/CB/LB

Favorite NFL Player: Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson

2013 Stats: 1800 Yards Rushing, 16 Touchdowns, 1 Throwing Touchdown

Favorite Memory: Beating Lakewood (NJ) for our first win of the season.

Meet Youth Football Online’s All-Star selection Logan Pouliot. I (Coach Jeff) coached Logan this past season and I am happy to tell you about this gifted player.  Logan is one of the most explosive running backs I have ever coached.  The funny thing is that his talent for running the ball was unknown as he played the offensive line in the past seasons.  During our player evaluations we noticed how good of an athlete Logan is and right away we began teaching him the running back position.

Logan is an exceptional athlete because of his coordination and open field running ability.  He has great speed and agility and is tough to get down in the open field.  We were able to get the ball to Logan out in space on screens, jet and rocket sweeps.  He excels because he is always keeping his legs pumping and runs hard on every play.

During our interview, we asked Logan to give us a tip for other youth football running backs he said, “ You always want to keep you legs pumping and just run hard.”

Logan came into the season in very good physical condition. Logan was able to handle a heavy workload and he did it with all opposing defenses keying and game planning for him. He had excellent endurance and was able to handle running the ball 2 out of 4 downs while also starting on defense. First year running backs tend to put the ball on the ground often, but not Logan.

Logan also was an excellent practice player- he listened, practiced hard, and was always at practice. During our interview we ask Logan what his favorite play was and he said it was Heavy Right 38 Rocket.  Logan explained, I like rocket because it allows me to get the ball outside and it helps me see the field and make plays.”

Logan has very good vision and balance.  If you watch his attached highlight video you can see his agility, speed, and vision.  For never running the football up until this year he displayed excellent vision. He understands how to cut off blocks and does an excellent job of using his speed to out run or cut up defenders over pursuing.

Logan played multiple positions for us on defense. Logan played mostly cornerback, but played a couple snaps at outside linebacker, depending on situations.  Logan has great ball skills and tackles pretty well.  He did a nice job of tackling in the open field.  Many teams run away from him so sometimes he did not get a lot of balls thrown or ran his way.

YFO All Star Logan Pouliot

Logan has great athleticism and also excelled at cornerback position. He has great cover skills and the athleticism to run ball carriers down if they pop some big runs.  Logan did a nice job in our 53 defense, cover 3 pass coverage scheme.  He read his keys and did not get beat deep very much.  He did a great job of turning the running back inside and containing on run support.  We asked Logan what it takes to be a good cornerback he responded, You have to cover your deep 3rd zone, and you have to contain the running back”.   I see Logan being a shutdown corner down the road.  Again, teams tended to run away from Logan’s side so his defensive stats do not do how well he played justice.

Logan Pouliot boasts a 3.5 GPA in school and says math is his favorite subject. He enjoys reading fantasy books, such as the Star Wars trilogy. He is on track to receive high honor roll this marking period.

5 Questions with Logan: 

What lesson has youth football taught you? Always be your best, never give up, and try hard.

What are you thinking on the football field? Many things- what the play is going to be, who’s going to get the ball and what my job is (who to block).

Any game superstitions? Always wear same undershirt.

What do you eat the night before the game/ before a game? Light stuff, vegetables and fruit the night before. Light snacks before a game.

What did you think of your coach? Good coach, gave good plays. Taught me to never back down and be aggressive.

Logan’s a youth football player that is going to get more confident, faster, and stronger.   We pushed and coached our players extremely hard and Logan responded without any complaints. As we see with all of our YFO All-Stars, Logan has the support of a loving family.  Logan’s father Michael and mother Melissa, showed great football commitment and  believed in me and my coaching staff.  We are happy to welcome Logan to our elite team of national youth football all-stars!