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Youth Football Online Selects All-Star RB/CB Jelani McCall

Jelani Mc Call

Name: Jelani McCall

Position: Running Back/Cornerback

Team/ League: Del Norte KnightHawks Youth Football Organization,  San Diego California- American Youth Football League

Age: 11

Offense: Power I

Defense: 62 Defense

Favorite NFL Players: Marshall Faulk, Barry Sanders

Favorite NFL Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite College Team: Ohio State Buckeyes

Favorite Play: “Smash” – Unbalanced formation with a direct snap

Favorite Foods: Pizza and fried chicken

Favorite Books: Hunger Games (Jelani gives this book 2 thumbs up).

Today we introduce our newest Youth Football Online All Star selection Jelani McCall. Jelani is a very talented youth football player in San Diego, California. This student athlete excels in the classroom (3.5 GPA), and is involved in service to his community.

“At church- we go to an area in San Diego to donate toys, we give them gifts so they have something”- Jelani McCall.

Jelani is one of the best fundamentally sound running backs I have seen. What stands out most about Jelani is his ability to break and run through tackles.  Jelani never makes the mistakes of stopping his feet-he runs through the contact.  It usually takes more than one defender to bring this athlete down.  Many youth football running backs stop their feet as contact arrives, not Jelani.

Youth Footbal Running Back

YFO All-Star Jelani McCall also has concise vision. He is able to find a slight seam and explode through it. He always secures the ball and runs with his head up. Another great aspect of his game is his speed and agility. Jelani uses his exceptional speed to outrun defenders. He also uses his speed and agility to make something out of nothing.  Jelani is a great athlete that runs the football hard. This comes from great preparation.

“Youth football has taught me to never give up, always believe in yourself”– Jelani McCall

If you are an opposing defensive coordinator good luck preparing for Jelani!  His coach described Jelani as:”Explosive and a play maker”.
Youth Football All StarJelani’s effort aren’t limited to the running back position, he also plays defense very well.  He plays cornerback, but hits like a linebacker. This youth athlete is super aggressive and has great fundamentals when tackling. He also has great ball skills- you do not want to throw the ball his way. He is too fast with too good of instincts, best advice- try the other side.

As we interviewed Jelani and his dad Antoine, we sensed there was something special about the McCall household. They were affable with a positive attitude that you can’t help but be impressed with. They are a family securely grounded in the principles of faith, family and football.

How important is school to Jelani? “School is very important, we wouldn’t be able to learn anything without school.” said Jelani. With an interest in the earth and nature, Jelani lists science as his favorite subject. He also has the entrepreneurial spirit, currently he has plans to start his own t-shirt company.

We concluded our interview with Jelani by asking him for final words.  Without much hesitation, he confidently answered “I would like to say I love God and I love my very beautiful baby brother”.

Here are Jelani’s highlights: