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Youth Football Online Selects All-Star OL Luis ‘Moose’ Lowery

Name: Luis ‘Moose’ Lowery

Position: Guard

Team: Southern Dutchess Patriots

Favorite College Team: Rutgers

Offense: Double Wing

Favorite Class in School: Reading, writing

Favorite books: Sports books- Tiki/ Ronde Barber ‘By my Brother’s Side’

Goals: To play in the NFL or be a police officer

YFO All-Star selection Luis ‘Moose’ Lowery is a dominating force in youth football at the line of scrimmage.  Moose has excellent strength and does a fantastic job finishing his blocks.  He has the attitude that he is going to finish every single block on every single play. He gets his hands inside and always keeps his legs pumping. Moose spends a lot of time going to football camps and clinics trying to better himself. Luis plays with excellent technique and prides himself on blocking until the whistle is blown.  Luis is one of the nicest kids we have ever talked too, but when he is on the field his mind is focused on dominating the opposing team- and getting pancakes.  Luis blocks with excellent effort, attitude, and toughness.

luis moose lowery

From interviewing Moose and his dad, it was apparent that Moose has a lot of care for his teammates. All he talked about was how important it was for him to protect his QB and running backs.  He is a true linemen, physically and mentally. Luis understands that the entire success of the offense is based on how well the OL blocks. The best trait for an offensive linemen is unselfishness.  Luis is very unselfish and loves the fact that he has the responsibility to protect and block for the ball carriers. Moose has the size, strength, technique, worth ethic, and drive to be a dominating force on the offensive line.

YFO: What is it about playing the offensive line that you most love?

Moose Lowery:  I love chucking the Defense Tackle to make room for the running back. I like to protect the the QB and RB at all times.

YFO: What’s important about playing your position on the offensive line?

Moose Lowery:  The Quarterback is in trouble without the offensive line, especially the quarterback’s blindside.

Moose Lowery has been in the national spotlight for some time now. In 2012, he was featured by Yahoo Sports Prep Rally as being a ‘big budding football star’ .  Though there is buzz around Moose, this does not deter him. He remains a humble kid that expressively just wants to play football.

Moose Lowery’s 3 tips for other youth football players–

  1. Have no fear – always be intimidating to your opponent.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Leave it all on the field.

YFO discussed life lessons learned from playing the sport of football with Moose Lowery- “Youth football teaches me teamwork and allows me to make lots of friends. It also focuses on discipline.”

yfo all stars moose lowery and daron bryden
YFO All-Stars Moose Lowery and Daron Bryden

Moose has a passion for the arts, specifically acting. He attends a performing arts school in Newburgh NY in the football offseason. He’s a percussionist in the school band and is called upon to play many instruments, sometimes in 1 arrangement.  Moose keeps the peace in school- he’s the leader of his school’s Peace Patrol (hall monitors).

Mom Valentina says “Luis is a big Teddy bear and practical joker, probably laughs more than anyone I know.” 

Moose has a strict workout regimen. He works out 3 or 4 days a week at the YMCA with former college players- Coaches Isaac Pinckney and Demetric Gardner on footwork, two coaches that believe in his skills. To keep fit, he plays in multiple basketball leagues during the winter & summers and plays flag football and little league baseball during the spring.

Luis ‘Moose’ Lowery proves to be dominant on the football field, in the classroom and in his community- welcome to the YFO All-Star class.