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Youth Football Online

The Promotion & Instruction of Youth Football
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Youth Football Online

Youth Football Website Redesign | What’s New

Youth Football Online Website Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Youth Football website.

What’s new on Youth Football Online?

Our goal with this newly designed website is to create a user-friendly experience and provide high quality content for coaches, parents, and players. Coaches will now be able to easily find drills, plays, playbooks, apparel, coaching resources, position resources, videos, and articles. The new website features a state-of-the-art category & search function that will allow coaches to find the exact topics they are looking for.

Content Schedule

We will be releasing new articles and videos on a weekly basis. We have assembled a team of the best youth football coaches, high school coaches, nutritionists, football parents, and strength and condition coaches that will contribute content to YFO. We pride ourselves on generating quality content that helps youth football coaches across country and the globe. We will also be releasing several new videos on our Vimeo & YouTube channel, be sure to subscribe! If you are interested in contributing content to Youth Football Online contact us.

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Whiteboard Wednesday!

Every Wednesday we will doing a video on the whiteboard. Be sure to check our YouTube channel every Wednesday for new plays drawn up and broken down on the whiteboard. Whiteboard videos will be posted on all our social media platforms every Wednesday at 12:30PM EST.

New PDF & Video Playbooks

We will be releasing several new playbooks ahead of the 2019 season. We just finished the filming of our brand-new Wing T Video Playbook. This video playbook will be available in early March. This video playbook will include whiteboard video explanations and actual game footage. We also have several new PDF playbooks that will be released. The Inside Zone Playbook will be released in early March as well! In addition, we will be releasing several FREE play series.

YFO Clothing Line

We are happy to announce that YFO will launch a new clothing line. We are excited for the release of our Fire-out & Swarm apparel lines. We will also have shirts with our YFO logo available. These will be released very soon.

Continuing YFO All-Star Feature

We will continue our All-Star Feature. We have a brand new class of all-stars and we are looking for even more! YFO All-Star program features the best student-athletes across the globe. Our All-Star program was created to showcase how student-athletes have benefited from playing the greatest sport on the planet! If you have a player that you would like to nominate for our All-Star feature please contact us.

Nominate an All-Star: YFO ALL-STARS 

Coach of the Week Feature (during the season)

Much like our YFO All-Star program, we want to feature the best youth football coaches in the country. A good youth football coach will impact more lives in a single season than the average person will in a lifetime. We know the amount of energy and time youth football coaches put into coaching and we feel they deserve the recognition. If you want to nominate a coach please shoot us an email telling us why your nomination should be a coach of the week feature.

Email us: [email protected]

Weekly Podcast

We are currently working on a weekly podcast schedule. We are excited to get a podcast going which will cover a wide range of topics in the youth football community. Everything from safety and training to plays and techniques.

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