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Youth Football Online All Star Selection –RB/WR/DB Noah Lopez

Name: Noah Lopez

Age: 12

GPA: 3.8 (his goal is to get a 4.0)

Favorite Book: The Outsiders

Position: Athlete

League: Long Beach Browns

Favorite NFL player: Darrelle Revis

Favorite College Team: Oregon Bucks

Youth Football Offense: Spread/ I Formation

Youth Football Defense: Cover 1, Cover 2

Favorite Play: 24 Lead-Gets behind the fullback’s lead blocks

Noah Lopez All-Star

Meet our newest Youth Football Online All-Star selection- Noah Lopez. Every time Noah carries the football he has the potential to go for six points. After watching game film it was clear that Noah was the best athlete on the field. With Noah’s exceptional speed he is able to out run every defender on the field at any given time. It has to be frustrating playing defense against Noah- even when the defense does a nice job containing him, Noah has the ability to make something out of nothing.

” While other kids are home playing video games and watching TV I am working out.” –Noah Lopez.

Noah is a smaller running back that plays really big. This kid is one of the smaller kids on the field, but he is also the most aggressive and toughest kids on the field. This kid runs the ball with confidence and attitude. On several instances on the game film Noah was breaking multiple tackles each play. It took multiple defenders to bring him down.  From his interview we learned that Noah loves pounding the ball- he’ll either run you over or jook you- it’s a decision he makes.  He is very strong for his size. He can kill the defense with his speed and agility outside or he can pound the ball inside. He is a dual threat running back. He is also a stellar wide receiver. He has great hands, speed and route running. For the teams that have to play this kid each season, good luck!

Noah is not the biggest kid on his defense, but he hits the biggest by far. Noah had 6 interceptions last year (I guess defenses just don’t learn to stay away from his side).  He is similar to a little rocket, he hits anything that comes near him. Any wide receiver Noah is covering is pretty much taken out of the game. He is a ball hawk! He finds the ball and plays the ball in the air better than any youth football cornerback I have ever seen. Noah is also a tackling machine. This kid flies up from his corner spot and tackles with great technique and aggression. He does a excellent job of getting off blocks and making tackles. He is also the best open field tackler I have ever seen at the 12 year old level, his tackling is on the elite level.

We asked Noah what advice he’d give other kids –

1-    No matter what anyone says, stay focused.

2-    If you’re struggling in school, get a tutor.

3-    Keep working hard, never give up, success will come!

Noah’s dad Tony stressed it’s all about sports and education for Noah.

“Noah is an unbelievable kid, as far as understanding the game, he’s advanced. Hard work ethic, he gets right in there with the high school kids. Great kid on and off the field. He understands corner and safety, great quickness, his strongest point is his footwork, especially for his age. He is well beyond his years.. he’s a scholar athlete.” Noah’s coach, Coach Doc.

My favorite aspect of Noah’s game is his hustle. Noah has one gear and that is Go! He is always playing hard until the whistle blows. Noah is always trying to get better. He attends football camps regularly and does track to stay in shape.

“I work hard in what I do and have a passion for it, and I always listen to my parents.” -Noah Lopez