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Youth Football Online All-Star Selection- QB / FS Gunner Radon

Gunner Radon YFO All-Star

Name: Gunner Radon

Position: QB / Safety

Age: 9

Favorite NFL Team: Buffalo Bills

YFO: What other sports do you play?

Wrestling, hockey, and baseball.

YFO: What makes a good QB?

You have to work hard in practice. You have to work really hard and work on getting faster. You have to be fast and strong. If you make a mistake move on to the next play.

YFO: What makes a good Safety?

You must practice catching and making interceptions and be a good tackle. You are the last line of defense so you have to be able to tackle good. Wrestling makes me a good tackler.

YFO: What was your favorite play?

Fake 36 dive TE corner pass. I like this play because the defense would come up for the run and the TE was open. I love this play because it lets me throw the football to one of my best friends. Completing passes and throwing touchdowns is fun.

YFO: What was your favorite football memory?

When we won in the last 1 minute of the game. We were down by a touchdown with 1 minute left and we threw in the extra point to win the game 21 to 20.

YFO: What do you love about football?

Football is fun. I have fun with teammates, practice are fun when you get things right.  I love to run and throw touchdowns and I love to win.

YFO: What are your plans during the offseason?

I work QB drills, do pushups and sit ups everyday. I play other sports. I work with my QB coach.

YFO: What are your goals for the upcoming season?

To win the championship, make a lot more passing yards and passing yards for the season.

YFO: Why should kids play football?

Football keeps kids active, makes them not lazy. It great because it will not give you a lot of time to play video games. Football will make you new friends, it will make you stay healthy and fit.  Playing sports like football will help you to stay in shape once you get older.

YFO: How important is school to you?

It’s very important. It’s good to learn math and reading. If you do not have good grades, you can’t play football and other sports.

YFO: What’s your favorite subject in school? Why?

Social studies. I get to learn about other countries, and what happened in the past. History class is kind of fun.

YFO What do you want to be when your grow up?

When I grow up I want to be a NFL player.

YFO: Do you have a favorite teacher?

Mrs. Joynt. Her class is fun and she is a good leader.

YFO What is your favorite superpower?

Flying! I would fly over defenders and easily score touchdowns.

Favorite food?


Mike Radon (father & coach) on Gunner

“He comes from an athletic, football family. His work ethic is very good, very driven, and really wants to be in the NFL. He loves playing multiple sports and it helps with being an overall athlete. He always does football work throughout the season- football QB drills and defensive back drills. He’s very competitive, he’s a fun-loving kid, loves playing with his friends. He’s a kid that fun to be around, life of the party. Gets along with everyone. Every sport he plays helps him to be a better athlete, he knows that. He is starting to see the skills that each sport brings. Every sport outside of football is becoming so demanding of the kids, and youth sports is asking kids to dedicate the whole year to that sport or they could be penalized. He appreciates that he can do multiple sports still which is important for the development of all the skills athletes can learn playing multiple sports. He works really hard. He does football work throughout the offseason, QB drills, in the spring he does flag football.  I truly think he really loves football.”

Youth Football Online on Gunner

Gunner comes from an impressive pedigree. His father played football in the CFL and his grandfather was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates out of high school, and subsequently the Dallas Cowboys, but was unfortunately injured. This gives Gunner a blueprint of what it takes to play at a very high level, and helps drive his work ethic and his desire to play in the NFL. He wants to be the first one in the family to make it in the NFL. Gunner answered our questions confidently and he certainly displayed a passion for sports, even at such a young age. He’s very smart for his age and seems older than he is. Gunner had very impressive answers in regards to the benefits of playing football and other sports. Gunner does very well in school and is a very respectful kid, a testament to great parenting and the life lessons learned from football. We look forward to following his progress.

View a Gunner play here:

Gunner Radon YFO All Star