Youth Football Game Day Preparation Starts the Night Before

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We can tell which youth football boys are prepared for battle and which aren’t from the moment they step on the field on game day. The kids that arrive a little tired or a little weary probably did not prepare well the night before.  The athletes that fueled up with nutritious foods, drank plenty of water and had proper rest were those fully prepared to play at an optimal level.

Youth football games generally fall on weekends which means kids tend to stay up late the night before.  Kids will be kids!  As they’re playing video games or surfing the web- they are probably snacking on foods they shouldn’t be eating before a big game.  You know the usual culprits – chips, cookies and soda to name a few.  But are these the best food choices for optimal youth football play?  Not quite.

Have your kids eat smart the day before game day.  Try healthier snacks such as granola bars and pretzels, fresh fruits, leafy green veggies (saute them with garlic and olive oil).  Healthy carbohydrates such as whole wheat pastas, sweet potatoes and whole grain breads are great choices.  Lean meats such as grilled chicken and turkey are favorable but stay away from cold cuts that may contain preservatives.  A boys football diet plan should be well thought out- a good diet, rich with vitamins and minerals, will help your child be his best on game day.  Fast food isn’t an option.

Keep your athlete hydrated.  We want to prevent muscle cramps, dizziness and overheating.  During our interview with NFL’er Dom Barber, he reiterated the importance of drinking water- “When you’re hydrating your body you’ll take away the little man in your head that’s asking for water on game day”.

Consider rest to be an important part of your child’s pre-game day routine. Set a time for him to go to bed and make sure he sticks to it.  The one thing you don’t want is a kid that is sluggish out on the football field.  A tired kid could hurt himself or a teammate.

Proper preparation leads to optimal youth football performance.  How does your kid prepare for game day?


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