O- Line Drills

run blocking drills

The game of football is won at the line of scrimmage. If you control the line of scrimmage you control the game. With that said, it is vital that proper blocking techniques are practiced often. Here is a list offensive linemen drills:

O- Line Drills

Drill # 1 Fire Out

Objective: Practice lining up in the huddle, getting line splits, and firing out on snap counts.

Coaching Point-Make sure the players are lined up in a good huddle. Players need to have a good break out of the huddle. Make sure all the players run to the line of scrimmage and fire out on the snap count. Have the players get into the huddle. Give them a snap count and have them break the huddle and lineup. Once the offensive  linemen get out of the huddle they must get their splits (starting from the center-out) and get right into their 3 point stance. The offensive line coach will yell out the cadence and the offensive line will fire out on the snap count. Once the linemen fire out they will sprint 10 yards. Make sure you mix up the snap counts.

Drill # 2 Blocking Sled

Objective: Develop leg strength, attitude about blocking, and overall blocking fundamentals.

Run Blocking
Credit: NFL.com

All linemen go down to the sled-hit and drive it. Have the linemen get into their 3 point stance and fire out on your cadence.

Run Blocking Coaching Points

  1. Explode forward through target, shooting hands inside with thumbs up-aiming point is the numbers of the defender.
  2. Helmet underneath your defenders helmet, keep head up-do not lead with the helmet.
  3. Feet shoulder width apart-short choppy steps while engaged.
  4. Drive! Sink the hips and sky the eyes-short choppy steps,  block until whistle is blown.

Drill # 3 One on One

Objective: Practice technique and compete.

offensive linemen drills

Live one on one blocking.  Out of all these O- line drills this one is our favorite!  Put two pads or cones down 5 yards apart and have the players’ line up between them. On the whistle have both linemen fire out and drive each other. Make it a competition; break up the linemen up in two groups.

Work on run blocking first and then work on some pass blocking techniques.

Pass Blocking Coaching Points

  1. Inside gap responsibility first. Wide base, good arm extension.
  2.  Guard them like guarding in basketball.
  3. Short choppy steps- step into defender.
  4. Nice wide base when engaged.
  5. Hands inside-jolt defender, full arm extension.

Here is an excellent article by Coach Ross on pass blocking schemes.

Check out Youth Football Online All Star Selection Isreal Araiza doing offensive linemen drills!

These offensive linemen drills should be practiced every single practice.

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