Youth Athletes: Eat This, Skip That!

As the youth football preseason kicks into gear we are focusing in on how athletes can perform at their very best. To perform optimally- football athletes must train with great intensity, eat nutritious meals and take proper rest. As you’re fully aware, football is a demanding sport that requires dietary discipline while training!

Just as a high performance automobile requires high octane fuel, your child requires nutritious super foods to dominate on the football field.Here’s a list of foods you’ll select for your athlete and the poorer alternatives:

Eat this:

Wild caught salmon is a powerful food for your football child and you should incorporate this into his diet. This food is packed full of vitamins and minerals including- vitamins A & D with selenium. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon alone will help with memory function so your child will stay sharp on the field.

athlete food salmon

Skip that:

Pulled pork sandwichs are high in fat as they generally come from the shoulder of the pig. Combine this with the sugar content in the BBQ sauce and we’re not looking at something beneficial to our kid football athletes. I know our friends in the Carolinas aren’t going to like this, but I say you should skip the pulled pork sandwich during the season.

skip this pulled pork

 Eat this: 

Oatmeal is no joke. Oatmeal is a food with high fiber, low fat and high protein, consider it a nutritional stud.  Mix some fresh berries or a banana into a bowl of oatmeal and we’re looking at a great filling meal that will reduce your athlete’s desire to snack!

oatmeal for athletes

 Skip that: 

Fruity sugary cereals aren’t where it’s at. I equate this to having junk food in the morning for breakfast. High caloric cereals help contribute to obesity and shouldn’t be consumed. Instead we’ll stick to cereals with great fiber content as it will help kids feel full.

unhealthy cereal for athletes

Eat this: 

Spinach helps protect our bones by way of vitamin K which is essential for maintaining the strength of our bones. Cook spinach with a little olive oil and garlic and pack it into a sandwich, it’s going to provide a nutritional kick for your athlete.

spinach for youth football kids

Skip that:

Salads are generally boring. The dressing that is used in salads almost always has either a high fat content or high sugar content (depending on the dressing). Salads leave you feeling unsatisfied which leads to unnecessary snacking.

salad with ranch

Eat this:

All-natural peanut butter is awesome and highly beneficial. 2 teaspoon can equal up to 10 grams of protein! The body uses the amino acids in this protein to build and repair muscle tissue. Peanut butter also contains potassium and fiber – make a sandwich now!

natural peanut butter for athletes

Skip that: 

Chili cheese dogs have no nutritional significance and shouldn’t be consumed. It’s a nutritional disaster, high in fat and calories. Skip this and go for foods that are going to help your child perform on the football field.

hot dog skip this


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