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YFO All-Stars Selects RB/LB/S- Louis Azor, JR

Name: Louis Azor, JR

Position: RB/LB/S

State: Michigan

Offense: Wildcat

Defense: 4-2-5

Yards: 2,300

TDs: 12

Goals for next season: Score more touchdowns and gain more yardage.

Meet Louis Azor, JR, our newest YFO All-star selection. The one thing that stands out about Louis is his ability to finish runs. He runs extremely hard and with attitude. Louis does a nice job of never stopping his feet and running through the contact. Louis is a diverse running back. He has a balanced of power and speed. He is able to get to the edge of the defense quickly. Louis is also able to finish his runs in the “tough” down and distances. He has a very strong motor that keeps on running. Defenses must gang tackle to bring him down.

YFO: What does it take to be a good running back?

Louis: What it takes to be a good running back is vision. You have to be able to find holes and run through them. Sometimes where you are supposed to run isn’t open, so you have to cut somewhere else.

YFO: What are you doing to train in the off-season?

Louis: I’ve been working my hardest this off-season. I have been going to gym and doing speed and agility drills to get better.

Defensively, Louis is all over the field. He plays linebacker and safety. He loves flying to the football and making tackles. Louis is a sure tackler in space and does a nice job of driving through his tackles. He talked a lot about how important it is to be a sure tackler- the most important part of defense is tackling. Louis is a very strong kid. He is able to make strong, solid tackles. Louis has the speed to run down a lot of these running backs that break into the open field. He has good speed and range to get to the ball carrier.

YFO: What does it take to be a good defender?

Louis: You have to be able to tackle. You can’t play defense if you can’t tackle. It is important to have good vision so you can see and get to the ball carrier.

YFO: What does it take to be a good football player?

Louis: Power, dedication, and you need confidence. You always have to believe in yourself. Good football players just make plays in every part of football. You have to always work hard.

YFO: What has football taught you?

Louis: Football has taught me teamwork and working together. Football has taught me that you need your teammates to be successful. Trust. Football has also taught me to trust my teammates. I have to trust their blocking. Football has taught me how to deal with bad situations. I learned how to deal with struggle and competition.

YFO: Why should kids play football?

Louis: It’s a great sport. I have only been playing football for a few season but I love it. I made new friends and it helped keep me in great shape. I also like the competition in football. It is a very competitive sport. A few years ago I went to an Eagles game and after that I wanted to play football.

Louis wants to be in the NFL when he grows up. If that does not work out he wants to become a lawyer. Louis understands the importance of school. He does very well in school maintaining all As & Bs. He is also a proud member of his school’s student council. He represents the student body and helps plans events. Louis loves to read books and is always looking to improve. Louis stated, “ You can’t do anything without school. You can’t play sports, you can’t go to college if you do not do good in school.” Louis also understands the power of proper nutrition. His favorite pre-game/practice meal is white rice, broccoli, and chicken. He stated that it is important to eat good before football so you can be at your best.

During out interview with Louis it was apparent that he is a very sharp kid. He had clear, and decisive answers. He is a nice kid that speaks very well and respectfully. The future is bright for Louis.