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YFO All-Stars Selects QB/RB/S Keaton Selfridge

Keaton Selfridge football

Name: Keaton Selfridge

Position: QB/RB/S

State: Oklahoma

Favorite College Team: LSU

Favorite NFL Team: Carolina Panthers

Desired Superpower: Strong, smart, intelligent, being smart you can read plays and watch the ball

Favorite Foods: Pizza, oranges, bananas and carrots

Youth Football Online selects YFO All-Star Keaton Selfridge. Keaton is an explosive athlete possessing great speed and agility. He is able to beat defenses on the ground or through the air at the QB position. Keaton loves to attack the edge of a defense. Attacking the edge of the defense allows Keaton to utilize his speed and athletic ability. Keaton isn’t just an athlete in space, he is able to run inside and get up-field for positive yardage. He is a complete running back. YFO sees an excellent future as a running back or even a mobile QB for this youth football player. Keaton has 15 TDs in 7 games this season.

YFO: What is your favorite aspect of playing quarterback?

Keaton: I like leading my team. I also like scoring touchdowns which make my team happy. I love handing the ball off and watching my teammates score.

Keaton plays safety on the defensive side of the ball. He loves making big plays and saving touchdowns. He is able to use his quick feet to run down running backs and make plays in the open field.  Keaton has excellent range at safety, covering a lot of ground quickly. His favorite aspect of defense is making tackles and saving touchdowns. Keaton’s 2015 team is currently undefeated and his defense has yet to be scored on, a remarkable defensive team effort.  He attributes his team’s success to their pursuit of the football , never giving up attitude, and working well together. They hustle to the ball and never quit.

YFO: What does it take to be a good safety?

Keaton: You have to watch the ball and be able to tackle. Safety is the last person so it is important to be able to make tackles. It also taught me that I have to stay focused.

YFO: What has football taught you?

Keaton: You get rewarded for your efforts.  Coach always preaches when you work hard you get rewarded. It has also taught me work as a team. No player comes before the team. Football has taught me, if you do good, you get to do a lot of good things- you get to run the ball, on defense you get to move in different places. 

Keaton has a specific football training routine. He practices with his dad, his coach, and his papa, if one person messes up, they all have to make up for it. They practice high-knees, jumping jacks, karaokes, butterflies, and stretching. 

YFO: Why should kids play youth football?

Keaton: You will meet new friends and learn to work as a team. You never know you might actually be good at it. It will also build character.

Keaton understands the importance of excelling in school. He is an A/B student and has the highest reading score in his class. He is currently enjoying several books.

YFO: Tell us about why it is important to do well in the classroom, is it hard to balance football practice with schoolwork? 

Keaton: If you don’t have good grades you can’t do anything. I think math equations are fun. As soon as I get out of school, then I go to football practice. Sometimes I don’t feel like practicing (sometimes), but you get it done. 

‘Keaton’s very smart, talented, and he has good leadership skills. If a player doesn’t know what he’s doing, Keaton takes the initiative to help the kid. He’s very energetic, overall a great kid. Football is his passion..’ says Keaton’s mom Leanna.

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