“X” Blitz- 44 Defense

“X” Blitz- 44 Defense

The X blitz out of the 44 defense is a very difficult blitz for the offense to pick up. It has the defensive line slanting down and the inside linebackers blitzing C-gap.  Many times youth football teams do not have blocking schemes. This blitz will eat up offenses that have their linemen base block. This blitz is easy to implement and can be executed at any age level of youth football.

“X” Blitz- 44 Defense

N (nose): Force A-gap

T (defensive tackle): Force A-gap

E (defensive end): Slant to B-gap ( line up over offensive tackle)

E (defensive end): Slant to B-gap (line up over offensive tackle)

SS (strong safety): Contain.

S (sam): Blitz C-gap

M (mike): Blitz C-gap

W (will): Contain

CB (cornerback): Deep 3rd coverage

CB (cornerback): Deep 3rd coverage

FS (free safety): Deep middle 3rd coverage

Coaching Points

  • If a blitz is called a the blitzing defenders must attack. There cannot be any lazy blitzes.
  • Blitzing defenders need to watch the football. Do not get caught up listening to the snap count of the QB.
  • This X blitz is very good vs. off tackle plays.
  • You do not have to do the X blitz on both sides. You can do just to the left (M blitzes C-gap) or just do the X blitz to right, (S blitzes C-gap).
  • Defensive tackle & Nose must rip across the face of the offensive tackle when slanting to B-gap. You do not want to go around blocks, you want them rip through blocks.



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