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How to WIN in the Offseason #Beastmode

Football season is over- now what are your athletes going to do? Offseason training begins the moment your kid athlete’s season ends. Keep the beast mode alive for the full year. The offseason is the ideal time to develop a solid work ethic that will stick with your child for a long time. Keep your kids involved in other sports to keep them moving and away from sedentary activities.

This offseason we will work to reinforce the following key elements of athlete development-

  • Conditioning/training
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration

The goal in offseason training is to build strength and stamina, and to keep the momentum that was built from the football season in constant flow.

3 Key weightless or lightweight exercises to perform in the offseason include:

  1. Box Squats to build explosiveness and leg strength with no doubts on the end position of the exercise. Use two boxes side-by-side and work lateral movement. Remember, football is not an up and down field sport, lateral movement is pertinent to success.
  2. Run! Run up hills, down hills, sprint and for distance. Obviously, a key for conditioning that can not be overlooked. Build creative drill stations in your backyard, keep it fun.
  3. Burpees, start in squat position, thrust jump up, down into push-up position for (1) push-up, knees to chest frog jump and finish with jump squat. Start with 7 reps for 4 sets. Athletes will activate shoulders and triceps, core and build strong legs.

Find youth football drills right here.

The offseason is  your athlete’s chance to build endurance and therefore it can not be ignored.

Nutrition is essential to your child’s performance on the field, and well.. for his life. Teaching the fundamentals of eating consciously will only benefit your kid(s) in their lifetime- and they will pick up on your eating habits.

Promote what I refer to as the 3 food major food groups: fruits, vegetables and grains.

Sample meals-

Breakfast: Oatmeal with water and raisins, dates / dry whole wheat toast with peanut butter (assuming no allergies) and jelly

Lunch: apple / banana / hummus wrap with veggies

Snack: grapes / avocado

Dinner: Pasta / salads

Hydration continues to be a major focal point – whether in-season or off. Continue to stress the importance of consistently drinking water and fresh juice. While steering clear from sodas, ‘energy’ drinks and others.

Remind your athlete(s) to that no one is working harder and keep them motivated!