Why We Prefer Stacked Defenses

We prefer stacked defenses for several reasons: it creates confusion, it allows you to be flexible, it offers you several different blitzing and slanting combinations, it puts speed on the field, and it’s a defense that is fun to run and it will give your defense an identity.

Simple Run Pass Option for Youth Football | Push Screen RPO

The Push Screen RPO is easy to install and it’s a concept that can be executed on the youth football level. This run pass option gives the QB an easy pre-snap read.

Defending the Inside Zone Running Play

The Inside Zone is one of the top offensive schemes in football. This play is so dominant because it can be run from so many different formations and personnel groups.

Play Call to Practice Time Ratio

The limiting factor on all football teams is time. Every team has a limited amount of practice time and a limited amount of practice reps.