Why ‘Getting Noticed’ Early Makes Sense!

As a youth football athlete, what is the right age to be recruited- 10, 12, 16? First, let’s not use the word recruiting at the youth football level. I prefer the term ‘being a standout’. The right age depends upon who is doing the noticing- is it a high school, a football publication or.. a college?  Being a standout as early as possible makes sense. In this digital age that we live in, it is not surprising that middle schoolers are being featured earlier than ever thanks to YouTube, Instagram and hudl.

Our YFO All-Star program began with a simple mission- to recognize youth football athletes across the country that put in the effort to be excellent in the classroom, community and on the football field. Just to be clear, we do not rank kid athletes with a star or a numerical rating system, as middle school is far too early for that kind of assessment. We don’t care about their 40-time or vertical jump. Our goal is reward, inspire, motivate and even learn from this YFO All-Star group of exceptional youth student athletes.

Here are the benefits of getting noticed as a standout youth football player:

1. Motivates kids. YFO All-Star Ta’Quan Roberson was recently accepted into a private catholic high school. Ta’Quan’s Dad Michael says “Early recruiting has definitely motivated Ta’Quan. Playing with and against kids in the Jr. All American game, to see them get early offers has definitely lit a fire underneath him. Especially knowing that he competed well with them, it’s great motivation.”

2. Recognition for time, effort, blood and sweat put in. It’s positive reinforcement, proof that when you work hard- good things will come your way.

3. Opportunity to attend competitive high schools, potentially playing for powerhouse high school football and academic programs.  Ta’Quan will look forward to getting a formidable, challenging education thanks to coaches recognizing his football skill. Who wouldn’t want the best high school education for their child? Who wouldn’t want potential scholarship money?

4. Learning how to perform under pressure. Contrary to the belief that it puts high expectations on young athletes, getting noticed early teaches kids how to perform under pressure.

5. Builds an early football resume. It’s about a Google search. Employers, recruiters, coaches, ect., turn to Google to get to know a person. They’ll be interested to look at facebook and twitter feeds as well. To have a positive word written by a publication is favorable, regardless of how old a kid is.

To nominate your kid to be a YFO All-Star, contact us. Share your thoughts in the comments area below.



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