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The Waggle Pass Play

The waggle pass play

The Waggle Pass Play in Youth Football

The waggle pass play is an excellent play-action passing play that will catch an over-aggressive defense off guard.  This play has the QB fake one way and roll out the other way. This is one of the best misdirection pass plays in football. The waggle pass play is utilized on all levels of football.  This  play gets your QB on the move, making the defense account for him as a run threat. This play is a great way to deceive blitzing and over aggressive defenses.


Center: Pass block.

Right Guard: Pass block.

Right Tackle: Pass block.

Left Guard: Pass block.

Left Tackle: Pass block.

Tight-end: Run a post pattern.

Split-end: Corner pattern- it is vital that the (SE) keeps running to the corner. Run away from the defenders.

QB (1): Open to jet motion player- then fake to the (2)- roll out –  1 option: look to the corner route-2 option:  look to the post- 3 option: look to the flat. The QB also has the option to run the ball if everything is covered.   The QB needs to get depth into the backfield after executing the fakes. You do not want him to close to the line of scrimmage because the offensive line is pass blocking. He must fake and roll out at full speed.

Fullback (2): Fake handoff to the left, block backside. (2) needs to execute a good fake.

Wingback (4): Full speed jet motion-run into the flat. The motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped. Otherwise it will be an illegal motion.

Slot (3): Pass block defensive end. Hold outside leverage. Attack the block , but stay under control.  The slot has the most important block on this play. Slot must hold his block. We actually have our slot engage with outside leverage and then stalk block him.

Coaching Tip: The (4) will almost always be open. Many times defenses will not have a defender run with the motion player, leaving him open every time. Even if they do have a kid run with the motion player across the formation the defender will usually get caught up inside as the ball is being snapped. It is never a bad play to hit the flat receiver and maybe he can make something happen in space.  The position numbering system can be changed to accommodate your position numbering system.