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Top 7 Reasons Johnny Manziel Left Too Early

Johnny Manziel Left Too Early

The lures of NFL riches did a good job to entice sophomore Johnny Manziel to leave school early and enter the NFL draft.  The question can be asked- is it an intelligent decision to exit to the professional level after just one or two years of playing college football? An adjustment to the NFL collective bargaining agreement in ’11 is the reason why Johnny and many other underclassmen are making the premature jump to the NFL draft. Prior to the collective bargaining agreement update, there was a financial reason to stay in school- a higher draft pick meant a richer contract but that has changed. Now, college football is surely turning into NCAA basketball, one year and you’re in the pros.  Raw young talent is far more appealing to a professional organization but does leaving early benefit the athlete in the long run?

Here are the top 7 reasons why Johnny Manziel should have stayed in college.

Reason 1: A professional football career on average is short, less than 4 years. What’s the next step? A college degree provides the foundation for future stability.

Reason 2: College athletics is a once in a lifetime experience. Johnny will miss out on the awesome components of football at the collegiate level such as the enthusiastic alma mater, school rivalries and of course playing with his friends/teammates.

Reason 3: Johnny is an older sophomore at 21 years old, while other underclassmen are younger. Players aren’t as developed compared to veteran NFL players

Reason 4: Maturity, both as a football player and as a young man. Johnny Manziel is a national celebrity, and he’s in the tabloids often. His immaturity could turn into a team distraction. He will need to mature very quickly in the NFL.

Reason 5: Money too soon, more of an opportunity to squander his finances with foolish purchases. Johnny will have to trust the opinions of many so called financial experts, it would serve him better to have an understanding of how to manage his money wisely. How many athletes end broke after their NFL career? Get that degree!

Reason 6: Being a role model to kids. The better message to youth football players would be- get an education first then play football.

Reason 7:  Having world class professors teach you about the world. My fondest memories of college were learning from instructors that were truly experts in their fields.