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Tight-end Corner Football Play

Taking Advantage of Man Coverage with the Tight-end Corner Football Play

This tight-end corner football play won us a championship a few years ago. This play is very difficult to defend when defenses are playing man to man coverage. This is a play-action passing play off of rocket sweep.  We will run rocket sweep and if we see the (CB) running with our (4), we will then call this tight-end corner football play. We will also fake a trap/dive play to the (2). This will hold that  (S) linebacker. Most of the time the (TE) will be wide open because the linebackers almost always bite up for run. You will have this play open at least once a game. As long as the blocking holds up and there is a good throw and catch, this play will be money. Scheme wise it’s an excellent play. To help the linemen out you can bring the line splits down to 1′. This will close down gaps and will pretty much wall off the defensive line.

Tight-end Corner Football Play Blocking Assignments

Center: Blocks nose guard. If there are double A-gap defenders the center will always block back-side A-gap.

RG: Inside- over pass blocking rules.

RT: Inside- over pass blocking rules.

LG: Inside- over pass blocking rules.

LT: Inside- over pass blocking rules.

TE: 10 yard corner route. The TE must continue his route (keep running to the field) away from the (FS). You can have the TE show run block for a second and then release.

SE: Skinny post. We want the (SE) to run his route right at the (FS). Before the ball is snapped have the (SE) raise his hand and touch the top of the helmet (as the offense is getting set, not after they are set). Hopefully this will draw the attention of the (FS). If that (FS) gets caught covering or watching that SE this play will go for 6.

1: Open up towards the motion player, fake to the (2), fake rocket sweep to the (4), while getting depth into the backfield. Look to hit the TE on the corner route.

2: Fake dive to the right, then look to block the defensive end. The (2) must execute a good fake. Attack the block, meet the DE at the line of scrimmage.

3: Block backside defensive-end.

4: Full speed rocket motion. Once the ball is snapped he must fake like he is getting the toss. The motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped. The (4) must line up wide like a receiver so that the (CB) is forced to cover him.

Coaching Points:

  • If the defense is playing man to man  coverage and the (CB) is running with (4) then this play will be wide open.
  • The (2) must execute a good fake and then attack that defensive-end. This block is absolutely critical.  If the (2) doesn’t do a good job meeting and attacking that (DE) this play could get blown up. 
  • Must run rocket sweep and dive/trap in order to set this play up.
  • This is an excellent play on  2nd  or 3rd & short. Catch the defense in the mindset of run.
  • Linemen must step into their blocks. You do not want them stepping back to pass block (they will get bullied over).
  • QB must execute his fakes while getting depth into the backfield.
  • If the (CB) doesn’t run with the motion player, just throw to him or use him as a lead blocker. If the defense doesn’t adjust to the motion then you will have the numbers advantage to the motion side.
  • Motion timing needs to be adjusted based on your team’s snap count.

Here is an excellent article breaking down the ROCKET SWEEP