The Ultimate Youth Football Parents Guide

The Ultimate Youth Football Parents Guide

  1. Promote the importance of sleep and rest. Proper rest and recovery is an important aspect of your child’s overall play. A child that is sluggish or lethargic will be ineffective on the field and further may put himself or his teammates in danger.
  2.  Nutrition rules. A balanced diet with vegetables, fresh fruits and non-processed foods is preferred. Avoid the habit of eating junk foods as this is unnecessary. Be the nutritional role model that your child needs. 
  3. Avoid fast food. Fast food companies are targeting your kids with great marketing efforts. Their goal is simple- to get your child hooked on their nutritionally incompetent foods. The quality of these foods are horrific for your youth football player. When you think fast food, think unnecessary sugar, chemicals and bad fats.
  4. Hydration. Water, fresh squeezed juice are drinks that will benefit your young athlete.  
  5. Calisthenic exercises. Parents set the tone. When your child sees you dedicated to physical fitness, he will want to follow in your footsteps. Encourage push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and air squats. This will lay a solid fitness foundation.
  6. Purchase a jump rope. NFL great LaDainian Tomlinson recommended that kids jump rope to help develop explosion. We’ll trust his opinion. Hear the exclusive YFO interview with LaDainian Tomlinson.
  7. Attend a local football camp. This is a crucial aspect of your child’s development in football.  He’ll gain valuable knowledge from seasoned coaches and meet other athletes serious about getting better.
  8. Communicating with the head coach. Talk to your son’s head coach about his progress. Utilize emails to communicate. At practice, select the right time to talk- during water break or after practice is favorable.  Focus on communicating with the head coach and not the assistant coaches.  Never make a scene in front of players, parents or kids.
  9. Learn to properly fit equipment. Ask your head coach to teach you how to fit equipment.
  10. Gossiping. Spreading silly rumors is ridiculous and unnecessary.  Nothing positive comes from gossiping therefore we recommend to avoid at all costs.
  11. Prepare for the weather. As youth football is often practiced and played in the warmer months, be prepared with sunscreen. 
  12. Respect the Referee. Nothing more annoying for all involved than a parent that criticizes the referees. Avoid this, let the refs do their job. 
  13. Respect coaches.  Youth football coaches do not get paid to coach, it’s purely for the benefit of the children.  It’s important that parents allow the coaching staff to do their job. 
  14. Ask your family to attend games. Football promotes quality family time. Get your family to the game and show support! 
  15. Wholeheartedly support your child.  If he screws up, don’t verbally chastise him from the stands. Never do this.  Encourage and be positive! Remind him that he’s worked very hard in practice, eaten well and had proper rest. Game time is his time to dominate.
  16. Cheer the team.  Be loud and proud in support of your neighborhood team. 
  17. Be positive role model to other parents. Others will follow.  
  18. Have fun. The number one reason why kids play youth football is because it’s fun.  Win or lose, you should thoroughly enjoy the experience of attending a youth football game. 

Youth Football Parents Guide

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