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Creating Conflict with the Ace Left 8 TE Corner Play

Smash Concept 8 Formation

The Ace Left 8 TE Corner Play is a very good play in youth football (pretty much a smash concept). This play does take some practice but the kids will catch on as you rep the play more and more. The idea of this play is to utilize motions and shifts to create alignment conflicts for the defense. These motions and shifts really mess with the defense’s eye discipline.

This play comes out in a balanced formation (not counting the (2) that is off-set to the right). Then we jet motion across (faking jet sweep), going through our snap count once. Then once the (3) in motion stops and resets for one complete second, then the (2) motions out as a receiver (off the football so the TE isn’t covered) and sets for a full second, then we begin our snap count again. We will run our jet sweep on 1 most of the time so this is an easy way for us to catch the defense and make them go off-sides.

Ace Left 8 TE Corner Play

You can see that this is pretty much a balanced formation. This play can be executed out of the Pistol Formation so that it becomes a true balanced formation ((2) behind the QB).

Motion and Shift

The cadence is said twice. Our cadence is Red- Set- Go (if it’s called on 1).  So we will go through our snap count with our motion timing like it is jet sweep. The (3) will motion across, then stop on the outside shoulder of the TE. Once he re-sets for a full second, the (2) then motions out wide. As soon as the (2) motions out wide, the QB then goes through the cadence again and the players now go off the second round of cadence (we call this play one 1 usually).

Ace Left 8 TE Corner Play Execution

Ace Left 8 TE Corner Play

(C): Pass block.

(RG): Pass block.

(RT): Pass block.

(LG): Pass block.

(LT): Pass block.

(TE): 8 yards up field, break into the corner route. Run away from the defense, use the field.

(SE): Slant or go route.

(1):  If the CB sits, hit corner route, if the CB bails or no one covers the (2) when he motions out, hit the (2) on the quick screen. You also can throw a quick slant if that backside linebacker is blitzing off of the edge (hot throw).

(2): Motion out wide after the (3) resets for one full second. You can have the QB push the (2) with his hand when he wants the (2) to shift out.   Once the ball is snapped he turns and gets ready to take a quick screen. The (2) really needs to sell the quick screen.

(3): Motion across, faking jet sweep. Then reset and look to secure the play-side edge.  It the quick screen is thrown, try to get out and lead block in front.

(4): Drag route, clear out the defender covering him.

Coaching Points

  • Motion players cannot go or lean forward until the football is snapped.
  • The shifting players need to reset themselves for a full second.
  • You cannot have two players motioning at once.
  • Takes practice and repetition, but the kids will catch on. Don’t give up on it too early.
  • When practicing the play have a coach or another player play the CB so the QB can practice reading him.  CB sits, QB looks to hit the corner route. If the CB bails back to cover the corner route, hit the quick screen.
  • Look to hit the corner route, but if it isn’t open hit the (2) on the quick screen and force the defense to have to tackle in space.
  • If you are worried about back side pressure or blitz, you can throw the quick slant to the (SE).
  • Teams will do one of two things- they will not shift to the motion which will leave them vulnerable to the corner route or the quick screen. OR!  They will over shift to the TE corner side and the slant will be wide open.

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