The 52 Defense vs. The I Formation

The 52 defense is an overall solid defense for youth football. It will allow you to easily adjust your defense to the strong side of the offense. You can also put your strong safety to the wide side of the field to help to defend against sweeps. The 5-2 defense is a great defense to play zone coverage with. We have used the 52 defense in the past and had great success playing cover 3.  The strong safety will line up a little more outside and cover the wide side flat. This defense features 1 nose guard, 2 defensive tackles, 2 defensive ends, 2 middle linebackers, 1 strong safety, 1 free safety and 2 cornerbacks.  Here is a diagram of the 52 against the I formation:

52 Vs. Basic I Formation

52 Defense vs. I FormationThis alignment has the nose guard in the tightend side A gap. The TE side defensive tackle is the C gap. The other DT is in the B gap. The middle linebackers will be responsible for the  A gaps as well as flow to the football ( a lot depends on what offense you are playing). The defensive ends will be your containment players, with the strong side DE jamming the tightend. The SS will have containment support and flat coverage if it is a pass. The 2 cornerbacks and FS will have deep 3rd coverage.

Other Alignments:

52 Vs. Twins

I Formation twins

Quick Tips: Make sure your SS gets physical with that slot receiver- attack the slot receiver and hold outside leverage.






52 Vs. Trips

I Formation TripsQuick Tip: Defense is all about alignment, you cannot allow the offense to outnumber or out flank you on any side.

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